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Website Updates: Windows 7 Themes and Smartphone Wallpapers

The impetus for this website when it was first launched 12 years ago was the Desktop Wallpaper and "Windows Plus!" Desktop Themes pages. While I still offer Themes for Windows XP/ME/NT, I have updated the Windows Themes page to now include a complete set of Windows 7 Themes. These Windows 7 Themes include Desktop Background Slide Shows along with the same sounds, icons and cursors used in the older Windows Plus themes. The Desktop Background Slide Shows include ALL the linernotes images for any given album, as well as additional live photos taken during that album's tour sourced from the tourbooks. Some of the Windows 7 Themes for more recent releases have HUGE Slide Shows included - the Snakes & Arrows Live theme has 36! In addition, these themes are user customizable, meaning, if you don't want to use the sounds and icons, you don't have to. Visit our Windows Themes page for details.

Next, more and more frequently I've been asked about wallpapers for Smartphones; after all, I offer PSP wallpapers, why not then include Smartphone wallpapers? As I'm a Blackberry user, however, I have been slow to get around to it. But thanks to the urging and guidance of Smartphone user John Patuto at, I've finally added a complete "Smartphone Wallpaper" page of 360x480 pixel RUSH wallpapers for SmartPhone, Palm, Blackberry Storm, Pocket PC, Apple iPhone and iPod Touch devices. Enjoy!

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