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Rush For Robe On Clockwork Angels - Tour Lighting Feature

Robe Lighting has published a new news item, Rush For Robe On Clockwork Angels, where they speak with Howard Ungerleider about the lighting used on the current tour.
For this tour, Howard specified Robe’s ROBIN 600 LEDWash for the first time.  Forty-eight LEDWash 600s are an integral part of the show, rigged onto four triangular shaped trusses - two on stage left and two on stage right, flown at different heights - and used for side washes and for beaming into the audience.

He really loves the way that the look of the LEDWash beam can resemble the specific “silky and velvety” textures and light qualities of a PAR 64. “You would never think it was an LED source!” he affirms.

The LEDWash 600s are used heavily during a song called ‘The Garden’ which is highly theatrical. “They are absolutely ideal for this,” states Howard, “Really just like an old style PAR” …but a fraction of the weight and power consumption and much more versatile!
The story also includes this confirmation of the U.S. tour extending into the spring:
The tour continues in the U.S. into Spring 2013 and is then scheduled to visit Europe before returning to North America for the rest of the summer, when it will have been on the road for a year.
For the full story visit - Thanks to Greg Nosek for the headsup!

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  1. Wow I didn't realise how spectacular the show was - only about 6 months to go before it hits the UK!