a tribute to rush

A Tribute To Rush

The progressive rock trio RUSH released their first album in 1974. Shortly thereafter, Alex Lifeson (guitars) and Geddy Lee (bass, vocals and keyboards) were joined by Neil Peart (percussion, lyricist). After over 40 years together the band has released a total of 20 studio albums, 11 live albums as well as numerous compilation albums, of which 24 have gone gold, and 14 platinum.

Here you will find current news, a complete discography with lyrics, a videography, listings of RUSH members' solo projects and guest appearances, as well as the most extensive RUSH tour archive to be found online or in print. Other resources include a wide-ranging listing of RUSH related literature, cover songs and albums, tributes, a pop culture section and more. Along with the information archive, this site includes a slew of RUSH offerings including album art wallpaper for your PC and Smartphone, and Windows users can utilize Themes inspired by the album art and music of RUSH.

Rush News

Clockwork Angels Tour Concert Video - Release Date Undetermined

This past November, Rush filmed their Phoenix and Dallas concerts for their next eagerly awaited live DVD and CD release. 

Although there has been more than one rumored release date passed along online, the band's management has confirmed that NO release date has been determined at this time.  Until we see an official press release regarding the DVD, any other rumored dates should be taken with a grain of salt.


  1. To me, this delay just means more features will be added. Maybe footage from other nights (a la the Snakes and Arrows Live DVD with songs from the Atlanta, GA show), plus other goodies.

    I'm ok with the delay.