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Neil Peart and Geddy Lee: Rhythm magazine's "Greatest Rhythm Section of All Time"

Its official, they are the greatest!  The July issue of UK's Rhythm magazine was just released, and it features the 25 greatest rhythm sections of all time as voted on by Rhythm's readers.  Topping the list?  Neil Peart and Geddy Lee:
Rock's foremost power trio have been locking in perfectly for 40 years, so it's no surprise you voted Messrs Peart and Lee the Number One rhythm section in huge numbers - almost 50% of the overall vote. With every new Rush album, Lee and Peart again push the envelope of what a power trio - in which the rhythm section often shines brightest - can accomplish in rock. Neil Peart admits that this kind of tightness has taken a bit of time to achieve, though, as he told Rhythm recently. "If there is a little train wreck among the three of us, I can suddenly run on two tracks now. I can be playing what I need to be right, but if one of the guys is half a bar out I can say, 'Okay, if I drop that half-bar we'll all be together again.' Even sometimes if I make an error of execution that throws me off, I can still hear the time and that's 45 years of getting to that stage to be able to do that."
- Thanks to RushIsABand for the headsup!

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