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Rush Pop Culture References Update - June 2013

Here's a roundup of the latest Rush Inspired Literature, Film, And Pop Culture References we've learned about in the last few months.
  • Back in 2009, the sci-fi television series Warehouse 13 included a small Rush reference when Pete said "...the best Rush album since Roll The Bones, Snakes & Arrows rocks!"  Last summer Warehouse 13 premiered an online series of webisodes called "Grand Designs" - besides the title, two other Rush songs are referenced, and there is a steampunk theme!  Warehouse 13 is a massive, top-secret government storage facility, and in aisle YYZ 2112, Pete discovers a diorama model of the original warehouse built by Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla and M.C. Escher. Pete accidentally triggers the mechanism, transforming the warehouse and it's inhabitants into a life sized steampunk version of this diabolical diorama.  You can watch the full webisode series here!
  • During last Monday night's (June 24, 2013) episode of Cartoon Network's Regular Show titled "The Last LaserDisc Player", there is a laserdisc titled 21-12 Time Attack, a film about the year 2112.
  • In the Ubisoft videogame Far Cry 3 released December 4th, there is a easter egg of sorts for Ubisoft's other videogame franchise, Assassins Creed, which has the added plus of also including a 2112 sighting as one of the "Letters Of The Lost" mentions a passcode 122112.
  • Rifftrax are downloadable audio commentaries by the stars of the original Mystery Science Theater 3000, which can be played as you watch your own films.  Like the original MST3K, there have been MANY Rush references on Rifftrax, the latest for Marvel's The Avengers, made available December 27th.  During the scene where Loki is commanding a crowd to kneel before him, Kevin Murphy quips "Who do Rush fans say belongs in the Hall of Fame?" right before Loki's second "kneel!"
  • Earlier this year, we covered how Harry Styles from boy band One Direction was frequently pictured wearing a Presto tour shirt, making us wonder if it's the only shirt he wears or if he is subconsciously begging for some musical legitimacy.  It's forever captured for posterity in the music video for One Direction's cover of Blondie's "One Way Or Another" which debuted in February.
  • The April 27th episode (season 16, episode 4) of MSNBC's prison documentary series Lockup - Cleveland: Extended Stay was titled "Rush", as one of the featured inmates was an old rocker that used to play in a few bands, who was so convinced he would get out soon that he bought tickets to see Rush on tour.
- Thanks to Chad Kilhefner, Matt Dillon II, John Stevenson and Penny for the headsup!

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