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Rick Moranis Remembers Recording Take Off With Geddy Lee in new Spin Article

Today posted "Rick Moranis Rides Hard for Rush", where Moranis remembers recording "Take Off" with Geddy Lee:
Geddy Lee and I went to the same grade school. He moved away when we were still young but I remember him like I do all my friends from back then. Then in 1982 Dave Thomas and I were approached to do a record as the McKenzie Brothers on Anthem Records, the same label that Rush was on. So when we did the album we wound up having Geddy sing the vocal lead for the first single, "Take Off." That was the first time I had seen him since we were kids and the first time he had this enormous success. I've seen him subsequently a number of times and he always says, "That's the only number one record I've ever had!" Which is insane to me because those guys have sold about a 150 zillion records.

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