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"Heart 'Destroy Stigmas,' Profess Love For Rush" - Huffington Post

In a new interview with Huffington Post, Nancy Wilson of fellow Rock & Roll inductees Heart tells of her newfound love of Rush:
"We are into Rush now. We watched that documentary 'Beyond The Lighted Stage.' I found it so completely great I took it on the road and me and [Heart singer] Ann and [other Wilson sister] Lynn watched it on our tour bus and we're like, 'Oh my god, we get it! We understand where it comes from now.'

I wanted to check 'em out because they were so tight with our producer Ben Mink. He's one of Geddy Lee's oldest dearest friends from back in the day in the '70s, so we kind of ended up hooking up with them more recently and I wanted to check 'em out again because of him and because Rush is kind of one of those bands that are kind of like a dog whistle that only men can hear.

I've always liked a lot of their songs on the radio over the years, but I've never felt compelled to pick up their albums.  But now I want to pick up their new one. We've become Rush fans."
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  1. Just saw them at DTE with Jason Bonham It was Awesome!