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Howard Ungerleider Interview - Rush's Clockwork Angels Tour 2013 & Lighting Rush for almost 40 years

Long time Rush fan Brad Parmerter recently sat down with Rush's lighting designer Howard Ungerleider to talk about the Clockwork Angels tour as well as work he has done over his nearly 40 career with Rush.  This in depth interview covers a lot of ground, and a lot of years:
"I’ve put light bulbs that didn’t exist in PAR-cans in PAR-cans before, things like that. That has driven people crazy. I made my crew one year put up 158 lights surrounding one of my rigs and I only used it for 22 seconds and they hated that.  That was for 'Countdown.' It was the light that surrounded the whole system that were on as the Space Shuttle launched. I heard about that for years, 'You made us hang those every single day for 22 seconds!' 'Yes. I did. [smiles]"
In addition, Howard provides an update regarding the band's tour plans for the next tour years:
"Are they talking about touring again? Yes. They’re talking about possibly touring in two years. But there will be nothing again for two years, we know that."
You can read the full interview here, thanks Brad for the headsup!

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