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Fender Unveils New Geddy Lee Jazz Bass

Fender has unveiled an new version of their Geddy Lee Jazz Bass that combines the specs and features of Lee’s three favorite basses—two Fender Custom Shop versions of his signature model and the original sleek black ’72 Jazz Bass that Rush’s revered bassist/vocalist has riffed away on in front of millions of devoted fans worldwide and on many a mega-selling album. The neck has a thicker custom profile, topped by a maple fingerboard with elegant white binding and white pearloid block inlays. For enormous tone that crackles with life and bristles with the energy, its two vintage-style single-coil Jazz Bass pickups are specially wound and voiced to sound like those on Lee’s prized 1972 original, and a Geddy Lee signature High-Mass bridge provides rock-solid intonation. The new bass has an MSRP of $899 and will be available March 12, 2015.  For more info click here.


  1. What happened to the Badass II bridges from the other signature series line of Geddy's?

  2. Now if they would just paint that thing sea-foam like the one he used on the last tour!