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RushPetition - What do you want to hear live on the R40 tour?

RushPetition is back up and preparing for the R40 tour.   The new petition allows for each person to select FIVE songs from the list of songs from the Peart recording era that Rush has never performed live. Cast your vote here. - Thanks to Skip Daly for the headsup!


  1. Guys , you got to play "I've Been Running" and "The Loser" right before the encore.Get them dancing in the aisles.You did after all perform "Best I Can" while Rutsey was still the drummer!Get a little good time boogie rock going on!

    1. You guys don't know how good that the Laura Secord Secondary School show, "Bandstand" really is.You did after all record "Best I Can" with Neil on the "Fly By Night" record!

  2. "Losing it" has always been one of my favourite Rush songs, Surprised it wasn`t included last tour with their string ensemble!