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Novel “Ellison and Amos” inspired by Neil Peart

Author of the novel Ellison and Amos, Charlie Gibbons joined KTVA's Daybreak Thursday to talk about what went into writing his newest book:
It’s a book about a rock-and-roll legend who loses everything of meaning and embarks on a journey on the back of a motorcycle only to face his greatest fear: The fan. The drummer from Rush, Neil Peart, inspires the story.
"He’s a big mentor, inspiration for me and my writing over the years,” Gibbons said. “When the opportunity came to come to Alaska and experience Alaska and all of its wonder, everything just kind of sprouted from there.”
Gibbons came up with the idea for the book after going through a personal turmoil similar to Peart.  Published in March 2013, the book is available here.  For more info visit

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