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RUSH R40 Opening Night Contest from Power Windows

AND THE WINNER IS: Congratulations to Andy Hays, the ONLY person who correctly guessed the opening song.  However, Andy has graciously offered to pass it on to the runner up: the winner is Jeff Travis of Modesto who guessed both the second and third songs.  Jeff, check your mail later this week for your Chronicles DVD. 
The time is now again!  The R40 Tour starts one week from today in Tulsa, and to celebrate, I'm having a contest for Power Windows readers where I am giving away a Rush DVD. Correctly guess the first TWO songs of the opening night of the R40 Tour, in the order they are played, and you will be in the running to win Rush's Chronicles DVD Collection.  To enter, simply email your answers (song 1, song 2), along with your name and mailing address, to

And here's some fine print:
  1. Only one entry per email address (if you change your mind, the last entry received from a given address will be your final answer), and entries received after showtime will be ignored, so please don't bother.
  2. Winner will be randomly drawn from correct entries, but if there are no correct entries/no one correctly guesses the first two songs, winner will be based on the opening song.
  3. If the band opens with a medley or throws us a curve ball, then yours truly will take that into account in considering the final winner.
Good luck!


  1. Some kind of new R40 overture, Caravan

  2. Curious if there was a winner... I would have never guessed those first two songs!

  3. Update coming soon...the winner asked that I pass it on to someone else, details coming soon...