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Alex Lifeson's 2015 A Brush Of Hope Painting

Alex Lifeson's 2015 offering for A Brush of Hope, "Blind Date Picnic", donated to raise donations for The Kidney Foundation of Canada, is now available for bidding at, from now through November 6th.  Today Alex posted the following message at
Greetings, all!

I wanted to reach out to all of you to ask for your support of the Kidney Foundation’s Brush Of Hope auction to raise funds for kidney research.

I’ve supported this special programme for many years and my paintings have done well, thanks to the kind generosity of friends and good citizens so please consider helping out with this latest installment or a signed print.

This year’s new installment is titled, “Blind Date Picnic” and you can find it at the eBay link below.  It’s a rather strange painting that has been described in some early circles as: “weird, horrid, ugly, familiar, hilarious, terrifying and ridiculous”, all the same thoughts I had when I painted it.  When my wife saw it just as I completed it, her helpful comment was, “Oh my God!”…then she started crying.

Now, who can resist such an exciting conversation piece?  Imagine your friends dropping by to view your latest art acquisition and leaving immediately in tears and a queasy stomach.

If that one doesn’t spark emotion, you can also get signed prints of previous paintings “Self Portrait #1” and “Greek Salad”. Each print is numbered and signed personally by me.

Every penny counts and your support is truly appreciated.

Thank you!


New original: BLIND DATE
Alex has been A Brush of Hope's feature artist since 2006. His paintings and limited edition prints (available at have brought in over $200 000.00.   Last year, Alex's painting "L'ami Getty a L'ami Louis" went for over $10 000.00.

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