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Rush Feature in New Prog Issue #61 Coming November 18th - Interview Now Online

There is an interview with Alex Lifeson in the next issue of Prog coming on Wednesday November 18th.  Today, PROG posted the interview online, and you can read it here.  

In terms of the future of Rush, Alex says "I think we need to have a little space, a little time off to regroup and think about what we want to do in the future. If and when we want to record another record and if there's a possibility of us doing something in the future, I don't know. The ball is in Neil's court, clearly."  He goes on to say "I write stuff all the time. I have a whole library of bits and pieces and complete songs that I've written at home and in the studio. I think if it looks unlikely that we're going to do much in the near future then I will definitely get into something like that next spring. What sort of project it turns out to be I'm not quite sure, but it will be a musical project. I can't sit around and I just love doing it so much."

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