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Geddy Lee - Negro Leagues Baseball Museum a testament to the critical role of sports in society

Geddy Lee's 2008 donation of over 200 autographed baseballs has become on of the most popular exhibits in the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City:
"The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City has an unlikely Canadian connection by way of Rush, Toronto’s most famous progressive-rock exports. Geddy Lee, the band’s frontman, who is also a diehard Blue Jays fan and noted collector of baseball memorabilia, donated a collection of more than 200 baseballs signed by Negro Leagues players to the museum. It’s the largest collection of its kind in the world and one of the most popular exhibits at the museum.

"'And it’s all due to the benevolence of one Geddy Lee, a white, Canadian rocker,' museum president Bob Kendrick says, laughing. 'It just goes to show this story has no boundaries, it has no limitations, it touches virtually every one who experiences it.'

"Lee, who won the collection at auction, never disclosed what he paid, Kendrick said.
'... I tell people all the time: I can’t say I was a big Rush fan before, but I’m a big Rush fan now.'"
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