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"The Body Electric" makes Exclaims' Eight Favorite Songs About Robots

"The Body Electric" single
Yesterday posted their "Eight Favorite Songs About Robots", including:
Rush – "The Body Electric"

No strangers to exploring the world of science fiction in song, Rush's "The Body Electric" tells the story of "an android on the run" in search of freedom from its electronic existence. In linking the world of robotics to the human race with the song's protagonist's individualist aspirations, the song's chorus features bassist/vocalist Geddy Lee singing the binary code '1001001,' which translates to a capital I.

And here's some irony: "The Body Electric" comes from the band's 1984 record Grace Under Pressure, on which machines — namely, Lee's synthesizers and Neil Peart's electric drums — played a prominent role in their songwriting.
- Thanks to RushFanForever for the headsup!

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  1. Grace under pressure. Rush at the top of their game. My favorite album.