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Rush Announce Donation to Gord Downie Brain Cancer Research foundation

Earlier this month, Canadian Music Week announced that the members of RUSH would be the 2017 recipients of the Allan Slaight Humanitarian Spirit Award at Canadian Music Week in April. Part of this prestigious Humanitarian award includes $40,000 to be made to the recipient’s charity of choice.  The members of Rush – Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart – have unanimously decided to direct the funds to the Gord Downie Fund for Brain Cancer Research at Sunnybrook.
“We are pleased to direct this generous donation from the Allan Slaight Humanitarian award to the Gord Downie Fund for Brain Cancer Research at Sunnybrook. Many Canadian families have been affected either directly or indirectly by this terrible disease. Through Gord’s courageous efforts this cause is now getting the attention it desperately deserves. As a fellow musician and friend it’s our turn to help support his efforts to fight Brain Cancer now.” – RUSH
“We are thrilled to learn Rush has made such a donation,” commented Dr. James Perry, head of neurology at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. “The Gord Downie Fund for Brain Cancer Research will help give us the tools we need to find ways to treat the untreatable. Right now we are investigating new drugs, surgical techniques and genetic therapies. We are using ultrasound to reach tumours that couldn’t be reached before. The funds so generously donated by RUSH will support us as we continue our pioneering work, to the benefit of brain cancer patients not only across Canada but around the world.”

To join Rush and make a personal donation to the Gord Downie Fund for Brain Cancer Research at Sunnybrook , go to  The Allan Slaight Humanitarian award will be presented at the Canadian Music & Broadcast Industry Awards Gala Dinner on Thursday April 20, 2017 in the Grand Ballroom at the Toronto Sheraton Centre Hotel.

Grapes For Humanity dinner raises $40,000 for Amani Home for Street Kids in Moshi, Tanzania

Enjoying their time off, Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson recently attended a Grapes For Humanity charity dinner in late September/early October which raised $40,000 for the Amani Home for Street Kids in Moshi, Tanzania.  From the GFH website:
"Joe Canavan, a great supporter of Grapes for Humanity, invited eleven of his friends to join him at Barberian’s Steak House on Elm Street, Toronto, for this fund-raiser dinner. The celebrity guests were Geddy Lee and Alex Liveson of Rush who regaled the company with stories of their touring and recording. The wine flowed…like wine and Barberian’s owner, Arron Barberian pledged $2,000 to the cause: the construction of a new home for street kids in Moshi, Tanzania.

"For the record, the wines were: Bouchard Ursules Champagne, F.X. Pichler 2007 Loibner Berg Riesling, Hirtzberger 2007 Honivogl Gruner Veltliner, 1997 Guigal La Mouline Côte Rôtie, 1999 Jamet Côte Rôtie, 2000 Ogier Côte Rôtie Belle Helene, 2001 Jasmin Côte Rôtie, 2003 Jamet Côte Rôtie, 1997 Dows Port"
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Wine expert Mark Oldman's new book features Geddy Lee

Wine expert Mark Oldman's latest wine book, How to Drink Like a Billionaire (Regan Arts), was released last month.  In the book, Mark talks about how he learned about the wine word "minerality" when he interviewed Geddy Lee and how that word is essential to understanding wine.  You might recall that Mark interviewed Geddy and Alex–both grape nuts–for his previous books. One of the clips with Alex is here.

As the holidays approach, Mark and his team are introducing a "2112 Wine Book Giveaway (Nov 21 to Dec 12)" whereby RUSH fans who buy two (or more) copies of Billionaire, get a copy of his previous award-winning wine book, Oldman's Brave New World of Wine, for free (and signed).
  1. Starting now until December 12th, purchase two (2) or more copies of How to Drink Like a Billionaire on Amazon (and don’t forget to write a review!).
  2. Email the Amazon receipt to with your mailing address.
  3. Oldman will mail you a FREE, signed copy of Oldman’s Brave New World of Wine–just in time for the holidays!

Rush Reference on Family Guy

It's been awhile since Rush was referenced on Family Guy (remember Chester Cheetah?).  Tonight's episode of Family Guy (season 15, episode 7, "High School English") included the cast reenacting three commonly taught classic pieces of literature: The Great Gatsby, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Of Mice and Men.  The Huckleberry Finn segment ends with Huck and Tom Sawyer attending a Rush concert (Tom says "they wrote a song about me").  The episode is now available for viewing here.

"Rush: Time Stand Still" The Documentary now available

Rush: Time Stand Still arrives on home video today on DVD and Blu-ray.  In addition to the documentary, the video release offers over an hour of bonus features including previously unreleased pro-shot footage from the Presto tour, titled "Live from the Rabbit Hole".  Click here to order.

For video samples, the detailed tracklist and more, check out the Time Stand Still discography page.

The film premiered in thearters across the US on November 10th, with an encore screening on the US as well as the UK on November 17.  The theatrical showings also includes the 20-minute mini-documentary "A Salute to Kings" featuring Gene Simmons, Chad Smith, Ann & Nancy Wilson, and others, which is not available on the home video release (an Easter egg perhaps?).
"This feature-length documentary film chronicles the final major tour for legendary rock band Rush. It is an intimate view 'under the hood' of a historic moment from the perspective of the band, their fans, crew, and management. Featuring interviews with the band throughout their sold-out 2015 40th Anniversary tour, the film also shows rarely seen backstage footage capturing the final moments of life on the road. Highlighted as well is the impact on the band's fans and the world that has been built around the beloved Canadian trio. This is the final touring chapter of a band that has meant so much to so many fans around the world. With narration by Paul Rudd. Running time: 1 hour 37 minutes of documentary footage with an additional 67 minutes of never-before-released bonus content."

Alex Lifeson comments on "For What It's Worth" - Rollingstone

Rollingstone posted a new feature regarding the 50th anniversary of the event which led to Stephen Stills writing Buffalo Springfield's "For What It's Worth".  The song was released as a single on January 9, 1967, and later included on the second pressing of Buffalo Springfield (originally released on December 5, 1966, second pressing released on March 6, 1967).  Rush covered the song on their Feedback EP, and in the article, Alex Lifeson shares his memories of the song.
Rush's Alex Lifeson recalls first hearing the song while driving in the family car in the Toronto suburbs. "I'm not sure if it was the first time I heard it, but I clearly remember driving with my dad and wearing blue granny glasses, which I thought were so cool," Lifeson says. "It was a sunny day, and I put the radio on and 'For What It's Worth' came on. I still recall feeling so moved by that song. It sounded so cool to me, that combination of the acoustic and electric guitars and the lyrics. Canada was a haven for objectors to the war, so we had a different view on what was happening in Vietnam."

During its early days, Rush used to jam on the song – "a 10-minute arrangement with a seven-minute guitar solo and a bass solo and then back into the chorus," Lifeson chuckles – and later recorded it on their 2004 covers set, Feedback. "I suggested it and it was an important song for all of us," he says. "Even when I hear that song now, I get goosebumps. I always think of the ride with my dad. It's one of those really special, magical songs. It may be my favorite song of all time."
- Thanks to RushFanForever for the headsup!

Martin Popoff's "Rush: Album by Album" coming spring 2017

Rock journalist Martin Popoff has penned Rush: Album by Album, set for release by Voyageur Press on May 1, 2017.
"Find out what 20 rock journalists and writers have to say about Rush's 20 studio albums. Formed in Toronto in 1968, the rock trio Rush has gone on to multiplatinum success behind the distinctive high register and virtuosic bass-playing of frontman Geddy Lee, the legendary drumming and lyric-writing of Neil Peart, and the guitar heroics of Alex Lifeson. Despite having just four chart-topping singles since the release of their debut LP in 1974, Rush has nonetheless sold more than 25 million albums in the U.S. and more than 40 million worldwide. Indeed, the Canadian trio may be the definition of an 'album band,' and this new book from prolific rock journalist and acknowledged Rush authority Martin Popoff pays tribute to the band's discography by moderating in-depth, frank, and entertaining conversations about all 20 of Rush's studio albums. Inside, the author gathers 20 rock journalists and authors who offer insights, opinions, and anecdotes about every release. Together, the conversations comprise a unique historical overview of the band, as well as a handsome discography. Popoff also includes loads of sidebars that provide complete track listings, details on album personnel, information on where and when the albums were recorded, and sidebar facts about the albums, their songs, and the band."
Popoff has previously written Contents Under Pressure: 30 Years of Rush at Home & Away and Rush: The Unnofficial Illustrated History.

Rik Emmett & Resolution 9's "Res 9" featuring Alex Lifeson now available

The highly anticipated new album by Canadian guitarist, Rik Emmett, "Res 9" is now available.  The album features Alex Lifeson on two tracks, playing a 12 string guitar on the album opener "Human Race", and the third guitar solo on "End of the Line". The album is now available here.
"When Rik asked me to play on his new album, I didn't hesitate for a second.  He's the consummate musician, a wonderful guitarist, and a terrific person, and it's always my pleasure to work with him any chance I can get. There is a rock purity in his songwriting and performance, and it's just so much fun to get together and throw ideas around. He's always so up and open for anything — even a notoriously uncooperative Rickenbacker 12-string!"- Alex Lifeson
On September 28th, Rik Emmett released a lyric video for the song "Human Race" featuring Alex Lifeson which you can watch below.   He followed that up on November 3rd with a lyric video for "End of the Line", featuring Alex Lifeson and Dream Theater’s James LaBrie.

See below for the official trailer as well as lyric videos for "Human Race" and "End of the Line".

Alex Lifeson's 2016 A Brush Of Hope Painting - "Aquarium"

Alex Lifeson has painted another original piece for A Brush of Hope - Celebrity Paintings for The Kidney Foundation of Canada to raise money for the Kidney Foundation of Canada.

UPDATE: the ebay auction closed November 8th at noon, ending in a final sale price of $8,700 Canadian.
“This year, my painting subject is called “Aquarium”, a sort of “fish on acid” theme or what you might expect if you were visiting a lovely Martian family, strolling through their living room, drink in hand,” commented Lifeson. “Please have a look and if interested, bid. As always, proceeds go to the Kidney Foundation of Canada to continue research in the hope for a cure for kidney disease.” - Alex Lifeson

DVBBS collaboration with Alex Lifeson on "Closer To The Heart"

According to a story posted today at, Canadian-born duo DVBBS (pronounced 'dubs') have collaborated with Alex Lifeson to record a new version of "Closer To The Heart" which will be available for download in early 2017.  
"When we first had dinner with Ray Daniels, Rush manager, we couldn't be any more excited hearing the stories," Chris said. "I grew up a drummer so Neil Pert was a legend to me and a strong influence my whole childhood and music career."
"They're the greatest Canadian band of all time so when we were given the chance to remake a song and implement new music and production with Alex Lifeson, you can imagine how excited we were."

"Can't wait to play people the song, and bridge the gap between generations," says Alex. 
Click here for more.

2017 Rush Calendar Now Available

The 2017 Rush Calendar is now available and can be ordered here.
"Every year Rush fans come out of the woodwork to get their calendar and once again, you'll be ready. This 2017 edition is sure to satisfy. It runs for 16 months and begins in September of 2016 and runs through December 2017."

Rush on The Strombo Show

Rush were guests on The Strombo Show last night to discuss 2112-40th among other things, and their interview segment is now available for listening here.
"Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson of RUSH visited the House for an extensive conversation with host and landlord, George Stroumboulopoulos.  This unedited, extended version explores the 40th anniversary of 2112, their final tour, the internal dynamic, songwriting, the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame induction, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, electronic dance music and touches on what’s next for the Holy Triumvirate."
- Thanks to Rushbandforever for the headsup!

Masters of Resonance an Edge Factor featuring Neil Peart coming 2017

After sharing a teaser last August, Edge Factor has announced the upcoming release of their new film, Masters of Resonance, coming in 2017, with the below press release and video trailer featuring Neil Peart and the R40 drum kit.
A Message from Jeremy Bout, Producer/ Host of Edge Factor:

"Before running a CNC machine, I thought about buying stuff, not making it.  Before I met the team at DW Drums, I thought a drum was a pail, and a Luthier was a theologian.  Before making this film, I thought a musical instrument was a simple object used to make melodies.  Then I spent time with John Good and Neil Peart and realized… Boy, was I wrong.

In 2010, I left the grinding shop and my 5 axis CNC machine to pick up a video camera and tell stories of people who are making things and changing lives. I had no experience in the film industry, no connections to the “big dogs” in manufacturing and no idea of where this decision would take me. But I knew I wanted to share stories of makers connecting their minds to their hands to bring new ideas to life. After the release of our first film, a teacher told me how it inspired one of his students to see manufacturing in a new light, and how that student “now knew what he wanted to do with his life” - he was going to become a maker. That day, the heart of Edge Factor was born.

40 shows and several TV series later, something happened last year that sparked a story we never expected: we became part of the DW Drums family. Masters of Resonance is a music film that takes the audience on a journey from the forest to the stadium and tells the story of how a fallen tree rises and lives again, in the music it creates.

I will never forget sitting with Neil Peart and hearing him record voice over for this film, “The entire history of a tree, year by year, can be read in the circular grooves that mark its annual cycle - its growth rings… Like those growth rings, popular music also reflects the 'weather' of its times: evokes and embodies the moods and movements that gave it context.” These thoughts have echoed in my mind and marked my awakening: Our lives have all been marked by the Masters of Resonance.

Disclaimer: We’re not experts in the music industry. We don’t know the history of every great drummer who’s ever lived. It is with fear and trepidation that we sharing our journey, as we explore the relationship between trees, drum and guitars makers, world-class musicians and the memories their music creates in our lives. We’re storytellers feeling like we have stepped onto sacred ground in our quest to make learning relevant as we inspire the next generation of makers and artists.

We could not be more excited to announce the Masters of Resonance film, produced by Edge Factor is coming in 2017."

Starring: Drum Workshop Inc. (DW Drums), Taylor Guitars, Neil Peart, RUSH, Cody Lovaas, Blair Sinta, Cobus Potgieter, newsboys (official), Duncan Phillips, Mona Tavakoli, Tommy Clufetos and many, many more...  To learn more, go to

[August 30, 2016] The upcoming Edge Factor documentary "Masters of Resonance," which tells the stories of makers and musicians such as John Good from DW Drums, and Neil Peart from Rush, is currently in post-production.  Today Edge Factor posted this Instagram video that includes CGI and footage of Neil Peart from their forthcoming film. - Thanks Mark for sharing!

RUSH - 2017 Allan Slaight Humanitarian Award Recipients


Canadian Music Week has announced Rush - Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart - as the 2017 recipient of the Allan Slaight Humanitarian Spirit Award. The multi-platinum trio will be honoured for their achievements and longstanding career in the music industry, social activism and support of humanitarian causes at the annual Canadian Music & Broadcast Industry Awards Gala Dinner at the Sheraton Centre on Thursday, April 20th, 2017.

"We are so incredibly honoured to receive the Allan Slaight Humanitarian Spirit Award. The depth of Allan and Gary Slaight's generosity, consideration and benevolence has no measure. We will strive to carry forward their spirit of charity and goodwill." - Rush

"My father Allan Slaight believes that giving back to one's community is something we should all strive to do and the members of Rush have made a point of this throughout their career, starting with a United Way benefit-concert at Maple Leaf Gardens in the early '80s when Allan was Chair of the Campaign," said Gary Slaight, President and CEO Slaight Communications Inc. "In recent years, the group has raised money for food banks, Casey House, the Kidney Foundation, Doctors Without Borders, AIDS research; the list goes on. Alex, Geddy and Neil have been in my family's rock 'n' roll life since the early days when we started Q107 in the late 1970s, and it gives me real pleasure today to thank these three exemplary musicians, on behalf of the Slaight Family, in awarding them with the Allan Slaight Humanitarian Award. Good deeds deserve acknowledgement and this is one group that exemplifies the spirit of giving."

David Clayton-Thomas' Cuban-Salsa cover of "Closer To The Heart" found on 'Canadiana'

David Clayton-Thomas, best known as the lead vocalist of Blood, Sweat & Tears, recently released Canadiana, an album of covers of classic Canadian songs. Included is a Cuban-salsa cover of Rush's "Closer To The Heart". He talks about recording the song in four short videos, the first of which is included below. You can buy the album here. - Thanks to RushFanForever for the headsup!

Rush's "Moving Pictures" wins Polaris Heritage Prize

"The Slaight Family Polaris Heritage Prize honours Canadian albums of the past from four distinct time periods: 1960-75, 1976-85, 1986-95 and 1996-05. Like the Polaris Music Prize, winners and nominees for the Heritage Prize are albums of the highest artistic quality, without regards to sales or affiliations."

This year's winner in the "1976-1985" public vote is Moving Pictures.  For the complete list of winners visit - Thanks to RushFanForever for the headsup!

Record Store Day, Black Friday Special: "12 Days of Christmas/Take Off" Vinyl Single

Record Store Day 2016 is coming November 25th, and this year one of the Black Friday Exclusives is a 7" vinyl single of of "12 Days of Christmas" with "Take Off" featuring Geddy Lee on the b-side.  Limited to 3,000 pressings, this is a red vinyl single of the Canadian holiday classic, celebrating its 35th anniversary. Both tracks are from Bob and Doug McKenzie's The Great White North.

- Thanks to Joe Pesch for the headsup!

Godsmack's Sully Erna on Neil Peart

In a recent interview with Roxy Radio, Godsmack's Sully Erna was asked what some of the highlights were of his twenty years as a touring musician:
"Well, certainly for my musician side of me, I think it's meeting some of the people that were my childhood heroes. Being able to meet Neil Peart a couple of times, that was, for me… I didn't need to meet anyone else after that. As much as I love the Steven Tylers and the Joe Perrys and the James Hetfields, Neil Peart… that guy changed my life as a musician. I quit school because of RUSH… Other than that, it was, like, really, that's all I did — I studied RUSH. I sat home and strapped on headphones and played 'Moving Pictures' and 'Exit… Stage Left' and 'Signals' and all these great albums." - For more visit
Godsmack's "Serenity" from their 2007 album Faceless was inspired by Neil Peart's Ghost Rider: Travels On The Healing Road.

David Phillips' "From The Riser, A Drummer's Perspective II" with foreword by Neil Peart now available

David Phillips is proud to launch his latest book, From The Riser: A Drummer’s Perspective II, a follow up to the critically acclaimed A Drummer’s Perspective.

The beautifully designed, From The Riser is a photographic celebration of many of today’s greatest drummers and percussionists. It unashamedly captures the energy, emotion and elegance of the world’s best, playing with the world’s greatest bands.

The book features two hundred and seventy previously unseen photographs taken exclusively by the author. It includes over one hundred and thirty legendary drummers including Neil Peart (Rush), Gary Wallis (Pink Floyd), Graham Broad (Roger Waters), Deen Castronovo (Journey), Gavin Harrison (King Crimson), Ginger Baker (Cream), Ian Paice (Deep Purple), Marco Minnemann (Joe Satriani), Martin Axenrot (Opeth), Craig Blundell (Steven Wilson) Mike Mangini (Dream Theater), Stewart Copeland (The Police), Terry Bozzio (Frank Zappa), Todd Sucherman (Styx) and many more. Included alongside the many striking images is a record of Phillips’ cherished collection of backstage passes, set lists and other memorabilia.

Rush’s Neil Peart, who penned the foreword for the book says ‘not many photographers have captured that performance art as well as David …. One accomplishment is simply collecting photographs .... but the greater gift is delivering such iconic images.’

Phillips is an intuitive, talented, self-taught photographer who, as a drummer himself, demonstrates a natural affinity with his subjects particularly when working in a live environment. Capturing portraits of drummers has become second nature to him and his work in Artists Relations provides extraordinary contact with an incredible range of musicians and bands.

This ambitious book, with over one hundred and eighty pages, is a lavish tribute to drumming and drummers, which reflects Phillip’s intuitive knowledge and deep respect of all things percussion. It is a complete compendium, packed with expressive, jaw-dropping photos. To get shots like this you have to understand drummers, drums and playing live.

From The Riser: A Drummer’s Perspective II retails for £29.99 ($39.99,€35.50) and is only available to purchase from the Author’s website

"Subdivisions" covered by Allegaeon on "Proponent for Sentience"

Colorado death-metal band Allegaeon have covered "Subdivisions" for their new album Proponent for Sentience set for release on September 23, 2016.  Check out the track below; click here to order. - Thanks to Paul Jacobi for the headsup!