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Joan Jett bashes Rush

Back in 1977, one of the many bands who opened for Rush was The Runaways, the all girl band fronted by Joan Jett, Cherrie Curie and Lita Ford. In fact, the Runaways attended a party in Rush's honor as pictured here. However, although it seems out of character for Rush, the Runaway's Joan Jett has less than fond memories of their time touring together. - Thanks to Tony Stiles for the headsup!
"Their Order of Canada is probably safe. But Joan Jett says members of Rush were anything but polite Canucks when the Runaways opened for them in the 1970s. In the new film biopic about the band titled The Runaways, Jett (played by Kristen Stewart) is derided by an unidentified rock group they’re opening for. She later retaliates by breaking into their dressing room and urinating on one of their guitars. Jett doesn’t hesitate to identify the real-life inspiration for the scene. 'Rush! They sat on the side of the stage and laughed at us,' Jett says. 'That sort of stuff pisses me off.'" - Joan Jett, Jam!Music, January 29, 2010


  1. it would be nice to know the other side of this story...

    1. Alex LIfeson talks about it Here:

    2. So Alex said it was not him laughing at them (but did not deny somebody was.....Kim Mitchell since Max Webster was also playing????). And they peed on their own guitars not on Rush's stuff. Hilarious!!!!

  2. agreed.
    i think she was more pissed that she couldn't write a song to save her life,
    then or now.
    her biggest hit was a cover.

    she saw laughing,
    but did she actually ask them what they were laughing at?
    maybe they shared a totally unrelated joke and pissed themselves with laughter.

    need to hear the other side of the story.
    most importantly,
    did she pay them back for the guitar?

  3. My guess is, they were just joking amongst themselves, not necessarily making fun of them. After all, how could Jett hear what they were saying while she's on stage?

  4. Why the hell does Joan Jett get a movie? Oh yeah, skanks playing mediocre music is very bankable.

  5. Well, as of now, I USED to like Joan Jett.

    I just can't see anyone within Rush laughing at their opening act. When taking into account some of the difficulties they endured while opening for some bands as well.

    I think she either isn't remembering the incident properly, or was just too wasted that night.

    I think the screenwriters should have fact checked that with Rush themselves.

  6. You mean, One Hit Wonder Joan Jett? Yeah, pissing on someone's guitar because you THINK they were laughing at you really shows some professionalism. And after all those years she still can't let go of a situation that wasn't even confirmed. Piss on you, Joan.

  7. even if this is true it's made my day!!! Joan Jett is cool and Rush is my favorite band ever I love it!!!

  8. There is no way that Rush was laughing at them.Especially when you consider that at the time (even nowadays), they get laughed at themselves.I once heard some radio talk show in which they spent the entire four hours knocking down "The Trees" and Geddy's voice.Needless to say, that radio station (WNEW-FM) in New York are now some powder puff elevator music station, those talk show guys are gone and forgotten, but Rush are still here.As far as "The Runaways" go, they were young chicks with a major chip on their shoulders who probably thought that Rush were pretentious.Typical..

  9. Watching a few Runaway shows, they were pretty funny looking and just terrible sounding. I would have laughed as well, because it was simply absurd to take them seriously. Go figure, they would retaliate with the class, dignity, and originality we all would expect.

  10. It truly sounds like an inferiority complex.
    Not sure who the big tubby guy next to who looks
    like Neil Pert in the movie, (blonde hair though!)

    Of course you can expect this from 16 year old bad ass hormonal girls. They tend to destroy things faster than they can think unfortunately. This includes a common connection that could have brought them further! Who knows!

    Not a huge fan of Runaways, they are more topical and a reflection of counter culture than anything.
    I like Kim Fowley's spotty career much more than anything that group did.

    I truly think again, it's a complex. They were intimidated and of course drunk so anything would seem distorted.
    Seeing someone like Rush play live would have sent shivers down most bands in the 70's. So they laughed, is that not what fowley was preparing them for with the combat defense practices with the bottles and cans?? Gawd. PUSSIES haha

  11. The way I see it, and I don't know for sure of course, was that Rush laughed at them because of their 'antics' and their 'getup'. Rush being this serious band looked at them was like what's with all this lingerie? C'mon. But Joan being Joan took exception for not taking them seriously. You guys, need to understand, that they were serious at least Joan and Lita was. But girls in those days and yeah thanks to Kim Foley, and yes these were Kim's idea with sex appeal even though you boast about him, exploited Cherie. I'm a guy and a Rush fan but obviously many of you make Rush fans comical, obtuse, and a stereotypical closed-minded chauvinist. I do think Joan should just drop the grudge because it's silly and definitely should not have peed on what probably was Alex's guitar.

  12. Joan should pee on this discussion board
    Especially the posts that defend Rush like there Royalty.
    Members of Rush probably don't give a shit if Joan Jett pissed on they're guitar anymore.
    In fact they probably think it was a great moment in rock & roll history.
    I always thought Rush fans were open minded intellectual types, But I guess I'm a bad judge of character.
    It seems you fans are not much different from the runaways a bunch of dirty Cunts with nothing to do but make noise.

  13. ^^^

    I didn't realize there were actually fans of Joan Jett.

    You question the character of Rush fans, while defending the character of someone who would piss on someone else's property. Nice.

    And, while our intellect might not be as stunning as yours, we do know a bit of grammar. It's "their" not "there" or "they're".

  14. Cherie Currie is one of the most laughable figures of Rock...Her book NEON ANGEL is derided as total b.s. and called into question due to her massive drug and alcohol abuse...she even made Stevie Nicks look like a Mormon Missionary with her abuse. Hell Stevie is older than Cherie and still sells out venues and has best selling CD's that will be still played when Cherie is assisted living. Cherie is lucky to even get gigs at gin mills and low class venues...RUSH RULES

  15. Has anyone seen this radio interview of Cherie Currie's account of the night in question?She goes on to insult Geddy's hair and "big nose".She then looks at the camera and says, "Did I forget to mention that you look and sound like a grandmother"?

  16. Epic musicians vs. Girlie band that relied on their looks and as we all know that band were not musicians. Rush equals deep thoughts while listening in your headphones and The Runaways were all about boys jerking off at looking at them. lol.