Rush News Is Back For 2010 Tour is back for a fourth consecutive tour to take your votes on the top five songs you would like the band to bring back from "the vault". This go round, however, they are only offering up songs that have not been played in the last 20 years (songs not heard since the Presto tour). Surprisingly, there are 85 songs to choose from! - Thanks to Skip Daly for the headsup!


  1. 1. Middletown Dreams
    2. Afterimage
    3. Grand Designs
    4. The Camera Eye
    5. Open Secrets


    1. A Farewell To Kings
    2. Beneath, Between & Behind
    3. Hemispheres
    4. Before & After
    5. Jacob's Ladder

  2. I have heard Garden Road before and I love it! Anybody out there know where I can buy, burn,or download this song? Its a must need for my Ipod.

  3. My idea of a perfect Rush set list at this stage would be at least ONE song from "Caress Of Steel", mainly "Bastille Day", and maybe just the "Under The Shadow/Return Of The Prince" sections of "The Necromancer".Of course, if they did the aforementioned, it would have to be segued out of "By-Tor and The Snow Dog".I really love those early rock out jams that they were doing back then.

  4. PS-I also have been a big fan of how they have the ability to work around the early material onstage and actually seem to make them sound even better now!Even if they decide to stop recording, I hope that they decide to keep touring occasionally.

  5. IN THE END (as an ultimate encore!)

    GRAND DESIGNS (bring this gem back! Alex even recently mentioned the possibility!)

    SECOND NATURE (they talked about an acoustic version, like Resist!)

    PRESTO (come now now... it would be about time!)

    THE BIG WHEEL (opening the first set! imagine it! perfect!)

  6. 1. Cut to the Chase
    (can you believe this song has
    never been played live?)

    2. Jacob's Ladder (Classic)

    3. We hold on (This song will be
    awesome live!)

    4. Kid Gloves (Great song!)

    5. Fly by night (Now is song has been locked away for a long, long time! Hope the boy dust it off!)
    long, long time. It's

  7. 5. Lets try this again (kids on my lap)

    Fly By Night (Now this song has been locked away for a long, long, long time! Hopefully the boys will dust it off!)

  8. Aren't they going to look at the 2007 results instead of this years?

    For the first S&A leg they took into account the R30 2004 Poll results and didn't come back to the 2007 votes until leg 2 with "Ghost of A Chance."