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Neil Peart On Paragon Brilliant "More Than A Shine - It's A Matter Of Sound"

In a new article at, Neil Peart discusses Paragon Brilliant cymbals. - Thanks to Frank Ray for the headsup!
"The evolution of Paragon Brilliant is about more than spit and polish. It began with the pursuit of the openness and responsiveness of an older cymbal, right 'out of the bag.' I have always found that brand-new cymbals have a certain 'tightness,' both in their physical response and in their sound, and it takes a few shows to play them in. Then they loosen up and start to 'dance' on the stand, and the swell of sound from attack to decay would become smooth and open..."- Neil Peart,, December 22, 2009

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  1. Sigh. If only Paragon cymbals were affordable for the "Working Man" drummer. I'd love to have a set of Paragons, but as a semi-pro player with a "day job", etc, the pockets just aren't deep enough. Love you Neil--but pro-line cymbals are just too ridiculously expensive!