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Alex Lifeson on His and Geddy Lee's Wine 'Internships'

Alex Lifeson is one of the many celebrity wine lovers to be profiled in Mark Oldman’s book, Oldman's Brave New World Of Wine, released back on September 9th.

Oldman has posted another short video feature to his website:
"In an exclusive interview inside his home wine cellar, RUSH's legendary axeman Alex Lifeson tells Mark Oldman about the week-long winemaker internships he and bandmate Geddy Lee did at Joseph Phelps Winery and at Turley Wine Cellars. He fondly recalls how during crush he and Geddy were so covered in grape juice that they were mistaken for Napa locals at a nearby eatery" -, December 17, 2010 - Thanks to Laura Romain for the headsup!
This is Oldman's second video feature with Alex Lifeson; previously Oldman shared the following:
"Mark takes off to the Great White North to visit with Rush’s Alex Lifeson, the legendary rock guitarist and one of the wine-passionate 'Bravehearts' featured in Oldman’s Brave New World of Wine. We learn how Alex’s wife accidentally swipes one of his cherished bottles and how the musician devises a solution to prevent future incursions — an ingenious idea Mark dubs a 'Lifeson Ledge'. This is cautionary tale for all drinkers interested in discouraging the unauthorized removal of their favorite vino. Click here to watch the video." - Mark Oldman, November 3, 2010
Alex is one of the many wine lovers featured in the Mark's book, Oldman's Brave New World Of Wine, where he discusses his favorite wines, wine-based experiences, and a few tricks he’s picked up over the years:
"Bandmate Geddy Lee and I went to California’s Turley Wine Cellars in late September of 1998 to spend a few days working the harvest. We pulled all of the leaves and spiders and all that stuff out of the bins, and so we were covered head-to-toe in grape juice. Later, Ged and I stopped at this restaurant for lunch. Our shirts and fingers were all purple—we were so proud! People were like, 'Yeah, you guys are locals, aren’t you? We’ll get you some service right away, sir.'" - Alex Lifeson
Alex's comments join those from dozens of other notable wine lovers, including actors Hilary Swank and Matthew McConaughey, novelist Jay McInerney, designer Zac Posen, and even Bill Nye, the “Science Guy.” Oldman's Brave New World Of Wine was released September 6th. For more information, view the book’s official trailer ( or visit

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