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"Neil Peart talks about Taking Center Stage"

Hudson Music has posted a new video "Neil Peart talks about 'Taking Center Stage'"; check it out here. has posted "Neil Peart talks the inspiration behind Taking Center Stage" - October 26, 2011

In addition, Rhythm Magazine is giving away a 14" Remo Time Machine drum head and three copies of Neil Peart's new DVD Taking Center Stage, all signed by Neil Peart himself.  For a chance to win visit

Neil Peart's third instructional video, Taking Center Stage: A Lifetime of Live Performance, was released October 14th and is available here.
  • Over 6 hours of footage
  • Neil’s personal drum rehearsals
  • Set-up and soundcheck footage
  • Backstage interview as Neil warms up for a Rush concert
  • Detailed discussion of classic Rush drum parts, with slow-motion, drums-only demonstrations and e-Book with transcriptions
  • Live, drum-camera performances of every song on the Time Machine tour
  • One-hour interview, explanation, and demonstration of new Rush song, “Caravan”
Guitar Center has announced "The Ultimate Neil Peart Prize Package Sweepstakes" for US residents.  Click here for details.  In addition, during the month of October, Sabian is holding a special promotion where if you buy a Paragon cymbal you will receive a copy of the video free!

Neil Peart first announced the video in the February edition of "News Weather and Sports"Click here for the official press release from Hudson Music.

Check out, for the preview trailer, the videos "Choosing The Setlist" and "Time Stand Still", as well as "The Making of Taking Center Stage" written by Hudson Music's lead editor and co-producer of Taking Center Stage, Joe Bergamini.
Filmed in various locations over the course of a year, Neil Peart takes you on a behind-the-scenes look at Rush's 2010-11 Time Machine tour. This includes rare and exclusive footage of Neil's personal pre-tour rehearsals and backstage events at a Rush concert (including a visit to the soundcheck, and an unprecedented backstage interview as Neil warms up for the show). Neil also presents a detailed look at every single song in the tour's set list. Each song features analysis and demonstrations by Neil, which are coupled with a detailed PDF eBook containing transcription of his parts. At the end of each song discussion, the viewer is transported onstage to a Rush concert to see the actual live performance of the song from the perspective of the drum cameras only. 6 hours, 40 minutes."
"The theme for our next collaboration seemed obvious: live performance, preparing for it and surviving it. In early 2010 we began collecting material...In April, 2010, the Hudson Music crew joined me at Drum Channel in Oxnard, California, and filmed several days of my rehearsals for the Time Machine tour. In July they filmed an entire Rush show, in Saratoga Springs, New York, with supplementary 'drum-cams' on me. They also captured the soundcheck and pre-show warmup, when I did a bit of talking to the camera, as I had during the Drum Channel filming in April. However, we would need to shoot some more 'talkie bits' to go before each of the songs from the live show, explaining about special problems or challenges in a particular song, and technical highlights. So, I thought, why not go somewhere really nice to shoot those?...I suggested Death Valley. Being the driest place in North America, averaging less than two inches of rain a year-and sometimes none-the chances of clear weather were good." - Neil Peart,, February 4, 2011

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  1. it sounds like another live DVD - will it be out before the other one?