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"Celebrating Buck O'Neil's 100th" - Geddy Lee's Baseball Collection Mention

In today's edition of "The Kansas City Star", there is special 8-page insert "Celebrating Buck O'Neil's 100th An Eight-Page Commemorative Section."  (Another great who was never inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame).  Among other items, the insert mentions the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City, which includes a collection of 400 baseballs donated by Geddy Lee in 2008.

Here is the online version of the newspaper insert.  If you click on the link "The Negro Leagues," you then have the option to visit "Five can’t-miss exhibits at NLBM".  The fourth item listed is "4. Ty Cobb autographed baseball and more", which includes the following:
"Two cases each contain 200 signed Negro Leagues baseballs. All 400 baseballs were donated by Geddy Lee, the lead singer and bass guitarist from the rock group Rush. Lee is a huge baseball fan and sports memorabilia collector. Lee, who had visited the museum while stopping in Kansas City, bid on those signed baseballs at auctions for the express purpose of donating them to the museum.  'The great thing about this is you have guys who are Hall of Famers, like Cool Papa Bell ... Judy Johnson, Leon Day ... to guys who were cup of coffee guys, but they’re all important, because they're part of the story,' Kendrick said. 'You have guys like country singer Charley Pride, who a lot of people don’t know played in the Negro Leagues. You have the three women who played in the Negro Leagues - Toni Stone, Connie Morgan and Mamie Peanut Johnson...'"
- Thanks To Scott McBean for the headsup!

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