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Big Sugar's Gordie Johnson and Alex Lifeson's doubleneck

In a new interview with Big Sugar's Gordie Johnson, he discusses meeting Alex Lifeson and Alex giving him is first ivory doubleneck, which he apparently returned to Alex around 1998:
"I didn't have to sign a single paper. He'd just met me, but he already knew about Big Sugar. And essentially he walked up to a stranger and handed it to me," Johnson said of the guitar he used to record "Fairwell to Kings," and play in the video for "Digging a Hole," its ivory white double necks jutting out like the tusks of a mastodon with every piercing note.

"I got really paranoid at one point that it would get stolen, so I gave it back to him. ... By the time we started making (the 1998 Album) "Heated," I kinda got to thinkin 'this belongs in the Rock Hall of Fame, not under my bed in Little Italy in Toronto."
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