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"Clockwork Angels: The Novel" special signed/numbered editions

REMINDER: The Gold and Silver editions are now on sale!

Author Kevin J. Anderson and have announced the following regarding special signed/numbered editions of Clockwork Angels - The Novel:
"ECW Press and ShowTech have created two wonderful special editions for Clockwork Angels: The Novel, limited to a total of 600, every one numbered and autographed by Neil Peart and me.  The Gold and Silver editions go on sale THIS FRIDAY July 27 at 10 AM ET.
"Gold Edition—This is really one of the coolest limited editions I’ve ever seen.  The final manuscript for Clockwork Angels: The Novel was 302 pages long. Neil and I autographed every page of the manuscript. This signed manuscript page is matted and framed, and accompanied by a limited art print of one of the book’s illustrations, signed by artist Hugh Syme. It’s a large, beautiful frame.  So, if you get manuscript page 45, you are the only person in the world who has that page.
"Neil and I also signed and numbered bookplates for a special edition of the novel itself, embossed and slipcased, copies #1-302.  If you get manuscript page 45, you get copy #45 of the numbered slipcased edition.  The package including the framed signed ms. page, signed art print, and numbered slipcased edition sells for $299.95.  ***Sales begin at 10 AM ET Friday, July 27*** Follow the link Gold Edition.
"Silver Edition—Copies #303-600 of the embossed, autographed, numbered, and slipcased edition of Clockwork Angels: The Novel are available as the Silver Edition, selling for $74.95.  ***Sales begin at 10 AM ET Friday, July 27*** Follow the link Silver Edition.  Copies will also be available at the Rush Store.
"We expect these to sell out quickly. If you are interested in a copy, be sure you’re ready at 10 AM ET." - Kevin J. Anderson,, July 23, 2012

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