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Kevin J Anderson To Appear at RushCon/Discusses Clockwork Angels Audiobook

Author Kevin J. Anderson, who is writing Clockwork Angels: The Novel (now available for preorder here) and as audiobook here), announced on Friday that he will be appearing at RushCon in Toronto this October.  In addition, he posted the following regarding a special afterward for the Neil Peart read audio book:
"...this afternoon I was in the studio recording a special afterword for the Brilliance unabridged audio edition of the novel (which is read by Neil Peart).  Over the past two days, I worked with artist Hugh Syme to develop a lavish illustrated booklet, 32 pages, which is exclusive to the physical edition of the audiobook. It’s been approved by Neil and already off to press. The audio will be released simultaneously with the hardcover novel on September 1, and both are available for preorder now." - Kevin J. Anderson, July 19, 2012
For more on Kevin J. Anderson, visit his entry on this website's "Rush Inspired Literature, Film, And Pop Culture References" page here. You might also be interested in Neil's introduction to Landscapes, Anderson's short story collection. Lastly, check out Anderson's blog post from 2010 telling of his spending time with Neil during Rush's visit to Colorado on the Time Machine Tour.

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