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"Rush Tells A Different Story" - Times of Oman

The Times of Oman have published a new interview with Alex Lifeson titled "Rush Tells A Different Story", where he talks about the recording of Clockwork Angels, including the history of songs such as Wish Them Well which went three iterations before they were happy:
"We just were not happy at all with the first two, and it's come so far from what those ideas were. The first one was a meandering kind of rhythmic thing, a little on the sweet side and boring as hell. The second one was a little grittier, and then we kind of reassessed what the song was about and tried to be more positive with the sentiment musically."
He also talks about the radio edit of "Headlong Flight":
"Our expectation was that they probably wouldn't play it, and there was pressure to do a radio-edit version which came down to about five-and-a-half minutes - and yet it's gotten lots of play and is generating attention for the album.  So we get by without radio, really, although it's wonderful to have the support if you can get it."
And in regards to bringing an orchestra on the road:
"It's just something else that's different for us, and I can't wait to hear what it sounds like. It's new staging, new lighting, everything is new and fresh about it. I would say that it's an evolutionary extension of what the Time Machine tour was, but we are definitely freshening it up and there'll be a lot of new video stuff going on.

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