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Rush Starman in "Rock & Brews" Restaurant In LA

Gene Simmons is part owner of the new "Rock & Brews" restaurant franchise, which claims to offer an atmosphere that is "like being back stage at a rock concert".

The first restaurant opened April 3rd in Los Angeles; the event served to benefit the Rock 4 Vets program, and was featured on the Gene Simmons Family Jewels episode "KISS A Vet" this past Monday (watch it here); full coverage of the event is also found here.

As seen in this screen capture, there is apparently a HUGE Rush starman logo filling an entire wall of the restaurant!  LA Rush fans, do us a favor and drop by Rock & Brews and send us some additional pics of this wall!

In addition, check out the "Rock & Brews" menu, which includes "Red Barchetta Bruchetta". - Thanks to Mike Hausler for the headsup!

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