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Geddy Lee speaks out in support of Pussy Riot

Pussy Riot is the Russian feminist punk-rock band that recently made headlines when they were jailed for a performance inside a Moscow cathedral for criticizing President Vladimir Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church. The band's arrest and subsequent trial have inspired a wave of protests across Europe and North America, along with support from artists such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Paul McCartney, Madonna and Rush's Geddy Lee. From CBC News:
"...Geddy Lee, frontman of Canadian rock band Rush, called the verdict a "shocking abuse of power" and a "Neanderthal overreaction to a fairly harmless prank. Clearly artistic freedom has no place in modern-day Russia," he wrote in an email to Evan Solomon, host of CBC's Power & Politics...."
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  1. This is not about artistic freedom.What these girls did (as mass was being said), was to storm the cathedral and begin simulating masturbation with crucifixes as if they had been rejected for the role of Regan McNeil from "The Exorcist".Now if this type of thing took place in Bergen-Belsen and these girls painted swastikas all over the place saying that the Holocaust was a lie, would THAT be an act of artistic expressionism?Man, first Geddy thinks Michael Moore is this upstanding moral guy, then this.Please PLEASE PLEASE just stick to the music and STOP trying to sound like Sean Penn and those types.Believe me, they are not your friends.

  2. It was an overreaction, they were making a statement against Putins regime. Not a huge Moore fan, but would choose him over limbaugh any day.

  3. It was not an overreaction.Whether you believe in God or not, it is not justified to storm into a House Of God and simulate crucifix masturbation.If these chicks stormed a mosque, they would have not been arrested, they would most likely have been killed.Furthermore Moore is a Commie fat pig and Limbaugh is a fat pig FALSE conservative.