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Geddy Lee Tops's list of Metal and Hard Rock Bass Players

Yesterday posted their list of the Top 10 Metal and Hard Rock Bass Players; topping the list is Rush's Geddy Lee:
"There’s no denying the electric bass has been critical in shaping the sound, style and rhythm of the heavy music genres. But when it comes to instrumentalists, it’s my humble opinion that bass players often get a touch less fanfare than their guitarist counterparts. (I play bass, so I’m allowed to make this claim!)...

"If the only thing Geddy Lee did in Rush was play the bass he’d be implausibly accomplished. But, he does it all while singing and playing the keyboards; a near-impossible feat. Not many frontmen have successfully juggled this triple task. Add to that the confidence that comes from playing for a long time, and Lee remains one of the genre’s biggest and best players. " -, September 3, 2012
- Thanks to Frank Ray for the headsup!

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