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Pianist Brad Mehldau Discusses Rush In "Arcana VI: Musicians On Music"

American jazz pianist Brad Mehldau recently published the essay "Rock Hemiolas" in the new book Arcana VI: Musicians on Music, edited by John Zorn.

Mehldau has also placed the essay on his website.  In it, Mehldau on Rush, odd time signatures, music theory, etc.:
"When I was in sixth grade, I had a band – a power duo with my best friend Bill who played drums, called The Rolling Pebbles. Bill did most of the singing, but I had a couple of vocal features, and one was 'Subdivisions' from Rush. Bill and I were nuts about Rush, and that was the title track of their latest record at the time [sic], and the first single. 'Subdivisions' was the first song I played that used the odd time signature of 7/4. It planted the seed of all things '7' in my brain and I followed up much later, exploring that rhythmic meter in the jazz format with my trio."   For more visit
- Thanks to David Suspanic for the headsup!

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