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"They’re Not With the Band" - New York Times

Today the New York Times published an article about the fitness benefits of drumming, which includes a few comments with Neil Peart.  We learn of weight he lost during Clockwork Angels tour warm ups and his pre-tour regimen:
Neil Peart...said that in the three and a half weeks of rehearsals...he dropped at least 10 pounds....This year’s pre-tour training regimen began in February. Three times a week, Mr. Peart would bike 20 minutes to his local Los Angeles Y.M.C.A., swap his helmet for a bandanna, and spend 30 minutes on the cross-trainer (keeping his heart rate near his recommended maximum), followed by calisthenics, yoga sun salutations (he held each pose for a count of 20 Mississippi) and the return bike ride home. (His favorite workout track? Silence. 'The only activity I combine with music is driving,' Mr. Peart said. 'For me, exercise is an act of will.').  Click here for the full story.
- Thanks to AndyO for the headsup!

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