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Interview: Kevin J. Anderson - Roadrunner Records

Roadrunner Records has posted a new interview with Kevin J. Anderson, author of Clockwork Angels: The Novel.  Kevin tells of how the collaboration with Neil Peart came about:
We were having lunch together in a cafĂ© in Santa Monica, and he was telling my wife and I all these plans that he had and he mentioned the novel and my wife [author Rebecca Moesta] immediately said, “Well, who’s going to write the novel?” and Neil stopped and looked at us and said, “Well, Kevin, of course.” I was kind of hoping he would think of that as he was putting the story together, but he was just developing the framework of it. So from that point on, I was actively involved in working with him about how the pieces of the story would come together, that the character had to go through this and then the next thing and things had to get worse before they could get better and how the story would resolve. So we were plotting this from the very beginning.
Kevin also talks a great deal about the ins and outs of the book, including the editing process:
...And then we edited it together when it was done, and he would say things like “I really feel we need to emphasize this part more,” or “We need to come up with something else.” For example, it was rather late in the game when Neil decided he wanted Owen to spend more time in Poseidon City, trying to survive in the streets. So he came up with the character of Guerrero, the Artful Dodger-type kid he falls in with, who’s stealing things…
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