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R40 Live CD/Blu-Ray/DVD Now Available

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Rush's R40 Live, their latest concert video documenting the R40 tour, filmed in Toronto on June 17 & 19, 2015, hits store shelves today, November 20th.  The concert is available for preorder in one of five different formats (click to preorder): 3 CD set, DVD, Blu-Ray, as well as CD+DVD combo pack and a CD+Blu-Ray combo pack. In addition, Best Buy is offering a "Starman Flashlight" with their R40 Live video+cd deluxe editions.  You can view the tracklists of both the CD and video versions on our R40 Live page here.

The album debuted at number 1 on Billboard's Top Rock Albums chart (dated Dec. 12) with 24,000 copies sold, according to Nielsen Music. officially announced the release of R40 Live on September 25th when they shared the audio of Roll The Bones, featuring the new celebrity rap.   The "Roll The Bones" single is also available to purchase here.  The second single, "Closer To The Heart", was released October 23, and "Tom Sawyer" was released November 6, 2015.  The official trailer was posted on October 8th, and in the ensuing days videos for "Jacob's Ladder", "Closer To The Heart," "The Spirit of Radio," "Tom Sawyer," "Subdivisions" and "Xanadu" have been shared; all videos can be seen below.

For more information, check out the official press release from, and additional news and reviews of the album below:

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  1. Ok, now the video is working. GRRRRRRRR. I do not understand this production company's fascination with documenting an audience instead of the band. THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING AND DISAPPOINTING. A few shots are fine, but constant shots from the cheap seats??? Memo -- the people sitting there wish they were up front!!! They would go up front if they could. SO FILM FROM THERE!!! We get it, ... it is really artsy to get that shot from the crowd with the silhouette of someone raising their hands to cheer. Maybe once every few songs, that is cool. Or someone singing along. But damn it -- not 20 times in every SONG. Oh, and yes, we're impressed that you have wheels on your cameras and booms. I guess they really are so novel that they deserve to be used in almost every shot. Here's a hint if anyone ever lets you do this again, ... when a band breaks into a guitar solo with one of rock's legendary guitarists on the stage playing it, it is not rocket science to figure out that this is NOT the moment to cut to the "arena cam"!!!! I want to scream. This may be the last live rush video we get, and we're stuck with more of this crap. As I go on in life I'm going to have to wear out Snakes and Arrows Live -- the last good capture. The audio here is awesome, the band here is awesome. I'm happy that Fabdoo or Faboo or whatever they are made a great documentary a few years ago. They suck at conveying a live performance. The worst part is I know it is too late to do anything about this.

  2. Jack relax. I think it looks and sounds great?😄

    1. Great!!!!! Sorry wrong punctuation

  3. This will be huge would be happy to see also a release date in the UK, at the moment it only appears to be listed in the US. Here's hoping

  4. I've been a Rush fan for 37 years. I've bought every record seen every tour, I'm an UBER fan but I can no longer stand Geddy's voice. He just sounds like he struggling. It's very very sad because I wish they could go on forever. If your at the show he comes off a lot better but on Blue Ray I just sadly can no longer enjoy them. I will still support anything they do and I hope they make another record because I so love their songwriting and playing.

  5. The guy"s in his 60's. You can't sing like that for 40 years and not loose some man! He's still the best overall music talent around!

  6. The guy"s in his 60's. You can't sing like that for 40 years and not loose some man! He's still the best overall music talent around!

  7. I still love Rush, but I have to concur with Alan to a degree. If Geddy Lee had received formal voice training back in the early days, he would be in much better shape today, because they teach you proper breath control, singing through the diaphragm, and other techniques to reduce wear and tear on vocal chords. Now, on most songs, he has to sing falsetto even where he used to sing in his normal range. Even so, they are still excellent musicians and I would pay to see them again. Let's face it, "Power Windows" came out 30 years ago!

  8. Just picked up r40 live. Best looking concert ever from rush! Production company did great job. Haven't heard it in surround yet.