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Neil Peart interviewed in December issue of Drumhead Magazine

There is a new interview with Neil Peart in the December issue of Drumhead magazine: "Neil Peart reflects on 50 years of hitting things with sticks".  In the interview, Neil has seemingly announced his retirement with his comments: 
"Lately Olivia has been introducing me to new friends at school as "My dad--He's a retired drummer." True to say--funny to hear. "  He goes on to reflect "and it does not pain me to realize that, like all athletes, there comes a time to... take yourself out of the game. I would rather set it aside then face the predicament described in our song "losing it" ("Sadder still to watch it die, than never to have known it")"
The complete article is now available here.  It also includes "Notes for Neil", a sidebar piece where many of today's drummers congratulate Neil on his (touring) retirement. - Thanks to Joe Pesch for the headsup, and to John Patuto for the transcript!


  1. I'm cautiously optimistic.

    With the recent live Sirius interview, Alex and Geddy seemed (somewhat) optimistic about the future of the band. I'm sure they've known about Neil's coming article for a while.

    A lot can change within a few months. I really think (and hope) that (at a minimum) Rush will continue as a recording band. I haven't missed a tour since Moving Pictures, love seeing them live, but would give that up for regular new music.

    I wouldn't be the least bit surprised that a "clarification" will be coming out repetitively soon.

  2. But if it's the end of Rush (has to eventually happen)...........I thank and wish Neil, Alex and Geddy well. :)

  3. The possibility of Rush retiring is like the end of the world.How could there possibly be no more new Rush music?If it is the end, then "Clockwork Angels" will stand as their final masterpiece.