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Power Windows 30th Anniversary "In The Studio With Redbeard" coming December 14th

Geddy and Alex will be appearing on "In The Studio With Redbeard" tonight, December 14th.  Based on this description, this will be a new interview appearance, and they will look back 30 years to discuss the release of Power Windows.  
Rush is marking the 30th anniversary of 1985’s Power Windows with “The Big Money”,”Manhattan Project”,”Marathon”,  “Mystic Rhythms”; and we will add 1993’s terrific hard-rocking Counterparts sporting “Animate”,”Stick It Out”, and the emotionally powerful “Nobody’s Hero“. Rush’s Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson host this thoughtful conversation In the Studio the week of December 14. -Redbeard
- Thanks to Lance Buckhammer for the headsup!

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