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"Tom Sawyer" on "The Hard Times Of RJ Berger"

During last night's series premiere of the all new MTV original series "The Hard Times Of RJ Berger", after most of the players are ejected from the school's basketball game, RJ is forced to suit up and "Tom Sawyer" was heard. - Thanks to Andy Newby and Colin Riggs for the headsup!

Rush Referenced on "Wizards of Waverly Place"

During the opening scene of Saturday's episode of "Wizards of Waverly Place" (season 3 episode 20), Alex and Harper discover that Max has a girlfriend. To keep his girlfriend a secret from his parents, he has told her his name is 'Tom Sawyer'. Alex exclaims "'Tom Sawyer'? That is such an obvious lie, it's the name from the Rush song." Harper interjects "...and the classic book!" and Alex concludes "Wow that song was good, I didn't know they made a book out of it!" Click here for the video clip. - Thanks to Robert Mooty for the heads up!

Rush Pulls Spirit from Rand Paul's Campaign

"In Web ads and at campaign appearances, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul sometimes has called on the music of the band Rush to give his message a little pop. It turns out the campaign wasn't using the music with the band's permission, according to Rush's attorney, Robert Farmer. Farmer, general counsel for the Anthem Entertainment Group Inc. in Toronto, which is Rush's record label, has sent a letter to Paul campaign officials informing them that they have violated copyright laws - and urging them to stop. 'This is not a political issue - this is a copyright issue,' Farmer said in an interview. 'We would do this no matter who it is.' Besides, all three members of Rush - Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart - are Canadians, not Americans, he pointed out." - Louisville Courier-Journal, June 2, 2010 - Thanks to J Grismore for the headsup!

Geddy Lee endorses Orange Bass Amps

"Orange Amps are proud to announce rock legend Geddy Lee of Rush is now using their Orange Bass amps...For more information on orange amps visit Orange Amplifiers. - Thanks to RushFanForever for the headsup!

"Backstage Secrets: On The Road With The Rock Band RUSH" DVD5 ReRelease

Backstage Secrets: On the Road with the Rock Band RUSH, was originally released on DVD last September 11th. Filmed during the 2008 Snakes & Arrows tour, the 250 minute documentary gives a backstage look at what it takes to put on Rush's show. Longtail Distribution Network has announced they are rereleasing the 250 minute documentary on DVD5 media for improved quality. If you previously purchased the original release, click here for info on how to obtain a replacement copy. To purchase the rerelease, click here. - Thanks to David Kutz, President of Longtail Distribution for the headsup!

New World Man: A Tribute To Rush

New World Man: A Tribute To Rush, is now available. The new release includes four new tracks, three of which are recorded by members of Coheed And Cambria, The Dillinger Escape Plan (Chris Pennie), KORN (Shane Gibson) and The Mars Volta (Juan Alderete) on the tracks "New World Man", "Fly By Night" and "Force Ten". The fourth new track is I, Omega's version of 'Tom Sawyer'. The remaining selections include previous releases from Magna Carta's Working Man (1996) and Subdivisions (2005) tribute albums featuring performances by Robert Berry, Dave Martone, Sebastian Bach, John Petrucci, Mike Portnoy and Billy Sheehan, as well as Alex Skolnick Trio's jazz interpretation of 'Tom Sawyer' from their album Last Day In Paradise.

Truth Behind Rush's Absence At The Winter Olympics

In early February, it was rumored that Rush would be one of the Canadian bands to represent their native country during the opening ceremony of the 2010 Winter Olympics. This past Tuesday during a radio interview with Philadelphia's WYSP to promote Beyond The Lighted Stage, Geddy Lee finally shed some light on the band's absence. - Thanks to John at for the headsup!
"We had an opportunity to play but there were all kinds of crazy rules going on about lip-synching and all stuff like that and that's just not our bag, man." - Geddy Lee, April 27, 2010

"2112" Heard In "High School" Trailer

The film High School premiered at the Sundance Film Festival this past January. Starring Adrien Brody and Colin Hanks, the trailer uses the opening keyboards from 2112 as its background music! - Thanks to Kevin Leclerc for the headsup!

"Tom Sawyer" on "Fringe"

"Tom Sawyer" was featured in the opening moments of tonight's episode of Fox's Fringe. During the episode "The Man from the Other Side", the song played on a car radio as a young couple gets high (yes, yes, "A Passage To Bangkok" would have been more appropriate!). If you missed it, it will be available in the next few days on the Fringe website. - Thanks to Jeff Lucas for the headsup!

Rush Congratulates South Park (Neil Peart Sings!?)

Yesterday, Geddy, Alex AND Neil uploaded a congratulatory video to celebrate the 200th episode of South Park. And did I mention Neil sings? - Thanks to Mark Earnshaw for the headsup!

"The T.A.M.I. Show" Now On DVD

Many Rush fans have brought to my attention the fact that the 1964 concert film The T.A.M.I. Show, has been remastered and reissued on DVD. This concert film includes Marvin Gaye, Chuck Berry, The Beach Boys, Jan and Dean, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, The Supremes, Gerry and the Pacemakers, and more. In his book Traveling Music, Neil Peart wrote at length regarding the show's impact, beginning on page 130 "Another movie around the same time was a much stronger musical influence on me - in fact, in retrospect, it was the influence. The T.A.M.I. Show, or "Teen Age Music International"... The DVD is now available.

Rush Songwriter's Hall Of Fame Induction

Rush were inducted into the Canadian Songwriter's Hall Of Fame Sunday, March 28th, at the Toronto Centre For The Arts' George Weston Recital Hall. All three members of Rush were in attendance for the induction ceremony and were recognized for Limelight, Closer to the Heart, The Spirit of Radio, Tom Sawyer and Subdivisions. Performing at the induction ceremony were Canadian hardcore rockers Alexisonfire performing Tom Sawyer; Primus frontman Les Claypool playing a version of The Spirit of Radio; and Canadian folk singer/songwriter Jacob Moon doing his rendition of Subdivisions. Neil Peart gave the acceptance speech for the band.

Click Here For Additional Hall of Fame Induction News

Administrative Update

Just a quick administrative update... For the past 8 years, the Power Windows website has promoted Rush related products through Earlier this month, summarily severed all ties with Colorado based accounts (including your's truly, email saved for posterity), rather than give in to restrictions imposed by the Colorado State legislature requiring Amazon to collect Colorado State sales tax for all orders placed from Colorado based websites. This story made headlines here in Colorado, and still is the source of many online debates. While I don't blame Amazon, I've been forced to find alternative solutions.

After scouring the various online retailers, I've replaced all my CD and DVD links with links to (CDUniverse has a huge selection including those Rush related rarities I detail in my pages), and all book purchases now link to Barnes & Noble ( I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and thank you in advance for making your online purchases through Power Windows. And now back to your regularly scheduled program...

Rush Tourbooks Remasters Series

The "Rush Tourbooks Remasters Series" is now available in the Rush Backstage Club online store! Tourbooks dating back to 2112 have been brought back to all their glory (and then some) by modern printing technology and are all beautifully crafted with high-end laminated covers. Check 'em out at The Rush Backstage Club.

Drum Playalong Songs From Drum Discounters offers downloadable play-a-long songs for drummers. The songs are available in mp3 format with either the music and drums on both channels, just the music on both channels (drumless), or a "split" track where the drums are on the left channel and the music on the right channel. Included in their selection are "Fly By Night", "Limelight", "A Passage To Bangkok", "Subdivisions", "Tom Sawyer", "The Trees", and "YYZ". - Thanks to David DeSantis for the headsup!

Website Updates: Windows 7 Themes and Smartphone Wallpapers

The impetus for this website when it was first launched 12 years ago was the Desktop Wallpaper and "Windows Plus!" Desktop Themes pages. While I still offer Themes for Windows XP/ME/NT, I have updated the Windows Themes page to now include a complete set of Windows 7 Themes. These Windows 7 Themes include Desktop Background Slide Shows along with the same sounds, icons and cursors used in the older Windows Plus themes. The Desktop Background Slide Shows include ALL the linernotes images for any given album, as well as additional live photos taken during that album's tour sourced from the tourbooks. Some of the Windows 7 Themes for more recent releases have HUGE Slide Shows included - the Snakes & Arrows Live theme has 36! In addition, these themes are user customizable, meaning, if you don't want to use the sounds and icons, you don't have to. Visit our Windows Themes page for details.

Next, more and more frequently I've been asked about wallpapers for Smartphones; after all, I offer PSP wallpapers, why not then include Smartphone wallpapers? As I'm a Blackberry user, however, I have been slow to get around to it. But thanks to the urging and guidance of Smartphone user John Patuto at, I've finally added a complete "Smartphone Wallpaper" page of 360x480 pixel RUSH wallpapers for SmartPhone, Palm, Blackberry Storm, Pocket PC, Apple iPhone and iPod Touch devices. Enjoy!

RUSH Makes Planet Rock's "Top 40 Live Albums"

Listeners of the UK's Planet Rock radio voted in their thousands in a poll to determine the Top 40 Live Albums of All Time. - Thanks to Scot McBean and Matt Kelly for the headsup!
"Thousands of you voted and now we know once and for all that Thin Lizzy's Live And Dangerous is the Greatest Live Album of All Time. The 1978 album has been repeatedly accused of containing more overdubs than live material, but that doesn't hide the fact that this is a definitive "live" record - it captured the band's stunning live energy and sound absolutely perfectly across a tracklist that probably couldn't have been bettered, and that, after all, is everything we could ask for. Deep Purple were so close to stealing this one at the last minute with their classic Made In Japan, and UFO's Strangers In The Night wasn't too far behind either. Rush deserve a notable mention for being the one band who's fans successfully sabotaged their chances for the Top Ten by splitting the vote rather spectacularly across three albums in the Top 40." - Planet

Miniature Replica Of Geddy's Rickenbacker 4001

You've asked for it, and now it's here: a precise recreation of Geddy Lee's Rickenbacker 4001 bass. His primary instrument of the 70's, first seen during RUSH's first tour in 1974, Geddy effectively retired this bass after the Signals tour until bringing it back on tour in 2007.

This 1:4-scale replica miniature bass collectible is made of solid mahogany wood, hand crafted and airbrushed with outstanding detail. This bass guitar sells for $24.99; click here to order. As these guitars are hand made, please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery as supplies are limited.

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Rush Slam in Spoof Superbowl Commercial

In the controversial Dodge Charger Superbowl commercial, "Man's Last Stand", morose looking men are shown as a male voice over lists things a man must endure so that they can drive what they want. A spoof commercial has been made by women, "Woman's Last Stand", where the tables are turned. Of course, RUSH gets slammed; afterall, there are no female RUSH fans, right? - Thanks to John Tice for the headsup!