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Censored 2112 Cover And More

Imagine living in a place where Rush was censored and certain songs were never released as they were deemed "controversial". I was recently browsing the Japanese Rush fansite Diamonds In The Waste, and was surprised to see that the iconic red star was missing from the cover of the original Korean pressing of 2112.  The red star is of course iconic of the flag of North Korea.  According to SRO/Anthem, this was the Korean record label's decision and therefore out of their hands. In addition, I was told that on a related note "Tai Shan" was "dropped from some far eastern pressings" of Hold Your Fire. Delving into this further, Junya Suzuki from The Sphere pointed out that other Rush Korean releases have had similar changes due to their anti-establishment political views: "The Weapon" was dropped from Signals, "Red Lenses" was dropped from Grace Under Pressure and "Territories" was dropped from Power Windows. Surprisingly, "Witch Hunt" was apparently included on the Korean pressing of Moving Pictures, which is odd, as you would think that "those who know what's best for us" would protect their citizens from those dangerous Canadian views!

Alex Lifeson Les Paul Axcess - MusiciansFriend Website

As previously announced, Alex Lifeson is on the cover of the April 2011 issue of the Musicians Friend catalog to promote the all new Alex Lifeson Les Paul Axcess. In addition, they have launched an all new Alex Lifeson Les Paul Axcess page to promote the guitar, which also includes their five minute video with Alex where he talks about the guitar and treats us to some of his usual antics. - Thanks to RushIsABand for the headsup! also recently launched a detailed website to promote the Alex Lifeson Les Paul Axcess. This webpage has complete specifications and tons of stunning photos. In addition, Alex discussed the guitar in an interview recently published at
"We've been working on this for quite some time — a few years, really. The Axcess is a great platform, I think, because it has certain things that the traditional Les Paul doesn't. You know, the light weight, getting the vibrato arm on there, the changes that we made with the piezo pickups, the separate outputs — you know, it's a great utility guitar. I looked at it in terms of, 'What do I need? Instead of switching through 14 or 15 guitars during a show, how can I pare that down, like, where I can get everything — as much as I can — into one guitar?' And this is really what it is." - Alex Lifeson,, February 18, 2011

Playlist For The Planet - includes "Second Nature"

"In celebration of David Suzuki's 75th Birthday on March 24, 2011, Playlist for the Planet, a compilation for environmental change, has been put together by the David Suzuki Foundation with proceeds going to The David Suzuki Foundation. Playlist for the Planet boasts some great Canadian artists, such as Randy Bachman, LIGHTS, k-os, Rush, etc, along with CBC Radio 3 contest winner Danny Michel, whose song 'Feather, Fur & Fin' was chosen by CBC Radio 3 as a source of inspiration to help our planet get healthy!"  The album was released March 22nd in Canada, and will be available in the U.S. on March 29th.  To order the album, click here; for more information, visit - Thanks to RushFanForever for the headsup!

Rush On "Chuck"

Rush was mentioned on tonight's episode of Chuck: during "Chuck Versus the Muuurder", original airdate March 21, 2011, when interviewing potential new agents, Morgan asks a candidate "Quick. Rush's best album?" to which a nerdy candidate replies "Caress of Steel", much to Morgan's disappointment.  You can view the episode in its entirety here. - Thanks to Jeff Lucas and Scott McBean for the headsup!

This is the second episode to include Rush: during the episode "Chuck Versus Tom Sawyer", original air date October 27, 2008, Chuck must reach the final kill screen of the classic video game "Missile Command" to unlock the code to power down a satellite. As he prepares to play, he sees an R30 t-shirt, and realizes the game follows a pattern, the "music of the universe", which is of course "Tom Sawyer".

"Rush Classic Albums 2112 + Moving Pictures" iPad App

As a companion to last year's "Classic Albums 2112 + Moving Pictures" documentary, Universal Music Group has launched a video-focused companion app for iPad users available for $6.99 download.  As demonstrated by the screen captures in the itunes store, this app is the equivalent of the DVD documentary, rather than digital albums as some seem to believe. - Thanks to John @ for the headsup!

RushCon:X1 Coming June 24-25 to Las Vegas

RushCon 2011 has been announced: this year's Rush fan convention has been dubbed RushCon:X1, and will take place June 24-25 in Las Vegas, Nevada:
"We have found, over the past years, that we usually gt a great turnout when our event coincides with an actual Rush concert. It's the perfect way to celebrate this band that we love, with the fans that we cherish.  Without a Toronto show this summer, combined with the incredible time we had in Las Vegas last year, we thought it would be best to keep the con around the same time as a concert." - For more information visit

Foo Fighters Acknowledge Rush Influence On "Rope"

Before it was even released, critics commented on how much the new Foo Fighter's single "Rope" sounded like Rush. When interviewed by MTV, Taylor Hawkins stated that when approaching the drums on this record he "threw a Neil Peart [pronounced Pert] lick in" and goes on to say  "I owe Neil Peart a lot of money for the chorus of 'Rope'. I'm splitting my royalties on that song with Neil Peart." - Thanks to Mike Lark for the headsup!

Geddy Lee #12 on XM Radio's "The Boneyard" Top 19 Best Voices of Rock

Geddy came in at #12 on XM radio's "The Boneyard" Top 19 Best Voices of Rock Countdown. Counting down the top 3 were Axel Rose, Bon Scott and Ronnie James Dio at #1. - Thanks to Sniglets for the headsup!

Power Windows...A Tribute To Rush - Now On Facebook

"Power Windows - A Tribute To Rush" is now on Facebook.  Click here for the Facebook counterpart to the Power Windows website.  It will include all the items posted on my News page, as well as additional Rush related postings and musings that I come across from time to time (which while interesting, might not exactly qualify as "Rush News").

Rare Rush Promo Photo From 1970!

In a story published today regarding the Stayner Collegiate Institute's 50th reunion this May, SCI alumnus Jeff Parton reminisces hiring Rush for $250 in September 1970.  The story also includes a rare promo photo of Rush from 1970.
"A highlight for Parton while a student at SCI was the time Rush, the iconic Canadian rock band, performed at the school. Actually, they performed at the school twice. The first time was in September 1970 and then again in April 1971.

Kathryn Lively's "Dead Barchetta"

Author Kathryn Lively has recently written another Rush inspired mystery novel aptly titled Dead Barchetta.  Kathryn is a fellow Rush fan, and is also an award-winning writer and editor, an EPIC Award nominee and has edited EPIC Award nominated titles for DLP Books, Phaze Books, Whiskey Creek Press, and FrancisIsidore ePress. She also maintains a pen name, L.K. Ellwood, for other mysteries. Kathryn assists businesses with Virginia Beach social media services, and also works as a freelance writer. About Dead Barchetta:
"Music tutor by day and tribute band guitarist by night, Matt 'Lerxst' Johnston doesn’t have an enemy in the he thinks. One night a pretty young woman tries to smother him in his sleep, and it’s not for the usual reasons a woman would have for wanting to inflict harm upon him! The dream he enjoyed at the time quickly spirals into a nightmare of mistaken identities and nosy investigators who threaten Lerxst’s freedom, to say nothing of coming close to discovering his grandmother’s secret 'herb garden.' Armed only with a guitar and endless questions, Lerxst escapes the discomfort of his beach home and hides out in New York City to learn the true identity of his would-be assailant. Instead he learns more about himself and what he needs to do to survive the next attempt on his life. And what a long, strange trip it is..."

Rush On ESPN The Herd's "Rock Band Bracket"

ESPN radio's The Herd is running a Rock Band Bracket.  After making it past Styx in round 1 of the midwest region, Rush lost to Metallic in round 2.

Kevin "Caveman" Shirley recounts being hired by Rush

Earlier this week, uploaded a three part video interview with Kevin 'Caveman' Shirley. Early in the first part, Kevin tells the story how "when I was at the depths of despair and poverty I got a gig with Rush doing the Counterparts album."  His story is not to be missed, you can view it here. - Thanks to squintyt4e for the headsup!

"From The Inside" by Russ DiBella

From The Inside is a new book by Russ DiBella about a life of looking inside the world of live music, going backstage and collecting drumsticks - with Rush being the most covered band.  With detailed stories from three recent Rush tours (R30, Snakes & Arrows and Time Machine) it includes stories of chance meetings with Alex, Geddy and Neil and an interesting and rare opportunity of catching a soundcheck during the Snakes & Arrows tour.  From the back cover:
"In 1978, when music found its way into Russ DiBella's life largely by way of external circumstances, a natural progression of sorts began to unfold which would eventually marry his affection for words with a nascent interest in drumming and lyric writing. What began as a teenage rite of passage - his first rock concert - would spawn a lifelong passion for all things music, manifesting itself in ways both deliberate and unanticipated.

Neil Peart's "Time Machine" Collectible Snare

DW has introduced an exact replica of Neil Peart's "Time Machine" Collectible Snare; Guitar Center is now selling the snare for $999.00. - Thanks to Frank Ray for the headsup!
"Created to commemorate Neil Peart's latest drum set creation, 'The Time Machine', each snare is an exact recreation of the drum Neil plays on tour. It's not a signature snare drum, but rather a collectible reproduction. The 6.5x14" Collector's series North American Maple shell with VLT (Vertical Low Timbre) technology provides optimal crack, warmth, bottom end and sensitivity. The drum is painstakingly finished with copper leaf-applied graphics and hand airbrush work. Custom copper hardware completes the look. Also standard is a MAG throw-off system with 3P butt plate, 3.0 True Hoops, True Tone snare wires and DW Heads by Remo USA. Available for a limited time only. Availability: 6.5x14"" -

Limited Edition SABIAN Paragon Cymbal Pack - Includes a splash autographed by Neil Peart

Musician's Friend is offering a limted edition cymbal pack which includes a splash cymbal autographed by Neil Peart, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting
"The Neil Peart Paragon Complete Cymbal Pack comes with an 8" and two 10" splashes (including one to be autographed for you by Neil Peart), two 16" crashes, 18" crash, 20" crash, 22" ride, 19" and 20" Chinese, 20" Diamondback Chinese, and 13" and 14" hi-hat sets. Each cymbal features a brilliant finish.

The Paragon series blends 2 styles of lathing for a very balanced cymbal tone. Pinpoint lathing creates a narrower groove for a fast, lively response on the top, while the traditional AA lathing creates a wider groove for a fuller, richer tone on the bottom side.  The cymbal pack is shipped in a free flight case featuring custom 'Time Machine' artwork from the Rush album and tour of the same name. [webmaster note: "Time Machine" album???]

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this pack will benefit Little Kids Rock, a nonprofit organization that transforms children's lives by restoring and revitalizing music education in our public schools. For more information, visit"
- Thanks to Ed at RushIsABand for the headsup!

Podcast Interview with Dr. Robert Price on the music and lyrics of Rush

Dr. Robert M. Price, co-author of Mystic Rhythms: The Philosophical Vision of Rush, was recently interviewed by the Michigan Skeptics Association to discuss the music and lyrics with Rush.  The interview is available as a free podcast, click here for more.

"Top 10 Alex Lifeson Guitar Moments"

As a followup to the launch of the new Gibson Custom Alex Lifeson Les Paul Axcess, has just added "Top 10 Alex Lifeson Guitar Moments":
"Then we have guitarist-extraordinaire Alex Lifeson, who has carved out his own estimable and indelible niche in the pantheon of guitar heroes. In a band known for its intricate detail and complex musical landscapes, Lifeson's guitar work is the paintbrush that completes the portrait...let's take a closer look at ten of the greatest guitar moments for the man some affectionately refer to as Lerxst..." "Top 10 Alex Lifeson Guitar Moments",, February 25, 2011

The Gibson Interview: Alex Lifeson has posted a new interview with Alex Lifeson where he discusses the status and potential release date of Clockwork Angels and a spring 2012 tour:
...we had six songs written. Those two were the two we decided to record just prior to the tour start, around this time last year. Since then, Geddy and I have been writing. We’ve been writing for the last couple of weeks and I think we’ve got the makings of another song. Pretty close. Some other snippets of ideas. Once we get back into the writing full-steam in the next week or so, with all those bits and pieces, I’m sure we’ll be able to get at least another song or maybe two. In which case, I think we’re looking at eight or nine songs as the magic number...We’ll take a short break in the summer, start recording in September and hopefully have the new album out for the start of the next tour, which would be in the spring of 2012."
Alex also discussed the Vapor Trails remix:
"Well, we've been toying with that idea for quite a few years now. And there was initially no interest from the record company in rereleasing it. It's a little bit of a dance that we would have needed to do without their support in terms of releasing it and getting the releases for it.

The thing about that, I mean, you walk a very narrow line… That album's almost ten years old. It's a very, very important record for us. There's a lot of emotion on that. We were coming back after a very difficult period in the band's history and certainly in Neil's life. So for us, there's a great deal invested in that record and it's very, very special. And in a lot of ways, I wouldn't want to change anything, because it was recorded in such a way that we captured the very essence of what we were doing at that time. You know, you could say that that album is sixty percent demos, because really that's kind of what it was. Most of that record was what we wrote. We didn't rerecord it. It was the most basic essence of the idea. And that's what was really special. But sometimes when you do that, you're not really aware or conscious of production merits, sounds, spending time creating sounds and, you know, developing that end of it. So consequently, the record suffered a little bit from production or lack of production. And when it went to mastering, it was mastered very hot and all we hear is the little bits of distortion here and there, and these compromises that were made on production.

It's always bothered us, so we thought [we would consider it after hearing] a couple of songs that Rich Chycki remixed. They were really a lot closer to the way we always would have liked to have heard that record, you know? And we talked about it and so we decided, 'Let's just — you know what, if it's just for the three of us — let's just remix the record so we're happy with it. At least we know that we've done it, that we've got that out of our system. We'll pay for it. It's no big deal. Let's just do it.'

You could say that of any record. Go back and remix Caress of Steel or something, but I don't know. Something about Vapor Trails… We just don't feel like we serviced the record properly and we want to give it another breath. And I know it upsets a lot of fans. It goes both ways: I hear from a lot of fans who think it's just a great a idea and they can't wait to hear it, and others who say, 'Why are you touching this record? You should not touch this record.'"
Click here for the complete interview at

Vote For Rush - Canadian Top 40 Songs of 40 Years

In celebration of 40 Years of the Juno Awards, the Juno Awards' Facebook page is holding a vote to select the Top 40 Canadian songs of the past 40 years. Vote for Rush!