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The Gibson Interview: Alex Lifeson has posted a new interview with Alex Lifeson where he discusses the status and potential release date of Clockwork Angels and a spring 2012 tour:
...we had six songs written. Those two were the two we decided to record just prior to the tour start, around this time last year. Since then, Geddy and I have been writing. We’ve been writing for the last couple of weeks and I think we’ve got the makings of another song. Pretty close. Some other snippets of ideas. Once we get back into the writing full-steam in the next week or so, with all those bits and pieces, I’m sure we’ll be able to get at least another song or maybe two. In which case, I think we’re looking at eight or nine songs as the magic number...We’ll take a short break in the summer, start recording in September and hopefully have the new album out for the start of the next tour, which would be in the spring of 2012."
Alex also discussed the Vapor Trails remix:
"Well, we've been toying with that idea for quite a few years now. And there was initially no interest from the record company in rereleasing it. It's a little bit of a dance that we would have needed to do without their support in terms of releasing it and getting the releases for it.

The thing about that, I mean, you walk a very narrow line… That album's almost ten years old. It's a very, very important record for us. There's a lot of emotion on that. We were coming back after a very difficult period in the band's history and certainly in Neil's life. So for us, there's a great deal invested in that record and it's very, very special. And in a lot of ways, I wouldn't want to change anything, because it was recorded in such a way that we captured the very essence of what we were doing at that time. You know, you could say that that album is sixty percent demos, because really that's kind of what it was. Most of that record was what we wrote. We didn't rerecord it. It was the most basic essence of the idea. And that's what was really special. But sometimes when you do that, you're not really aware or conscious of production merits, sounds, spending time creating sounds and, you know, developing that end of it. So consequently, the record suffered a little bit from production or lack of production. And when it went to mastering, it was mastered very hot and all we hear is the little bits of distortion here and there, and these compromises that were made on production.

It's always bothered us, so we thought [we would consider it after hearing] a couple of songs that Rich Chycki remixed. They were really a lot closer to the way we always would have liked to have heard that record, you know? And we talked about it and so we decided, 'Let's just — you know what, if it's just for the three of us — let's just remix the record so we're happy with it. At least we know that we've done it, that we've got that out of our system. We'll pay for it. It's no big deal. Let's just do it.'

You could say that of any record. Go back and remix Caress of Steel or something, but I don't know. Something about Vapor Trails… We just don't feel like we serviced the record properly and we want to give it another breath. And I know it upsets a lot of fans. It goes both ways: I hear from a lot of fans who think it's just a great a idea and they can't wait to hear it, and others who say, 'Why are you touching this record? You should not touch this record.'"
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  1. Touch the record, Alex. It's the only Rush album that needs it. The others, on the whole, sound great and are fine the way they are. VP is special but it was butchered and sounds like St. Anger. Rich will do a great job and the fans will appreciate it for sure!

  2. Who are these fools telling them not to touch the record??

  3. Yes - touch it! It's not just distortion...the music has been mutilated. When signals get clipped, music gets lost.

    I'd have to agree with TMA - who are these fools? I guess people without ears.

  4. I love the songs on VT but it gives me a headache everytime I listen to it. I thought this was another April fools joke at first, but it's not April!