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Rush On "Criminal Minds"

Yesterday evening Rush tweeted "If you watch tonight's episode of Criminal Minds, you'll hear Rush's 'Closer To The Heart'". Hopefully you were able to catch it, but if you missed it click here for the full episode, or click here for a video clip containing the scene with Rush.

The episode "Today I Do" (season 6, episode 15), has the synopsis "A deranged woman tracks down the boyfriend of a woman whom she has abducted. Meanwhile the BAU puts out an APB on the missing man." In the scene featuring Rush, a man is seduced with beer and Rush (works for me), as he says "Oh my God, this is the best damn bootleg that Rush ever did you know this is my favorite?!"


  1. Actually, the episode is called "Today I do".

    Full episode here:

  2. Thanks has the wrong episode title in their video stream.

  3. Since when is "A Show Of Hands" a bootleg? (-: