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Rolling Stone Readers Name Peart #3 Best Drummer of All Time

The magazine might ignore Rush, but Neil Peart was chosen as the third Best Drummer of all time by Rolling Stone's readers (behind only John Bonham and Keith Moon):
Neil Peart: To Rush's army of fans any name at the top of this list other than Neil Peart is surely sacrilegious, though it's likely that Peart himself would be more than happy to see his name at Number Three – right beneath Bonham and Moon. Of course, no Rush concert is complete without a Peart drum solo. Here's one from Frankfurt Germany in 2004. -, February 8, 2011 - Thanks to Jeff Lucas for the headsup!


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  2. Seeing Buddy Rich AFTER Dave Grohl and Ringo Starr made me want to vomit.

    Oh, and we all know Neil is #1. No disrespect to Bonham and Moon, of course.