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Rush On "Chuck"

Rush was mentioned on tonight's episode of Chuck: during "Chuck Versus the Muuurder", original airdate March 21, 2011, when interviewing potential new agents, Morgan asks a candidate "Quick. Rush's best album?" to which a nerdy candidate replies "Caress of Steel", much to Morgan's disappointment.  You can view the episode in its entirety here. - Thanks to Jeff Lucas and Scott McBean for the headsup!

This is the second episode to include Rush: during the episode "Chuck Versus Tom Sawyer", original air date October 27, 2008, Chuck must reach the final kill screen of the classic video game "Missile Command" to unlock the code to power down a satellite. As he prepares to play, he sees an R30 t-shirt, and realizes the game follows a pattern, the "music of the universe", which is of course "Tom Sawyer".

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