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Nancy Wilson Talks About Geddy Lee's Credit On Heart's "Red Velvet Car"

Update: Last August 31st, Heart released their album Red Velvet Car.  The album was produced and engineered by Ben Mink and David Leonard respectively, both of whom had the same credits on Geddy Lee's My Favorite Headache.

Geddy Lee is credited with "Whistle" on the track "Death Valley".  Engineer David Leonard previously explained that the "Whistle" credit was an inside joke made by Ben Mink:
" inside joke between Ben Mink and Nancy Wilson...Nancy heard some hi pitched thing in 'Death Valley' and Ben said 'it's probably Geddy whistling'. They gave Geddy credit. That's the story." - David Leonard, September 2010.
Nancy Wilson recently discussed this in more detail on New Mexico's KZZR radio:
"When Ben was mixing Red Velvet Car, Geddy Lee was around, and he got the voice of Geddy Lee hidden in the beginning of the "Death Valley" song. It's sort of a secret signal from Geddy." - Nancy Wilson, KZZR, March 24, 2011

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  1. I have to be honest. Heart has never really appealed to me. my opinion. Hey...that's just me, though :)