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RUSH: Beyond The Lighted Stage - Music DVD of the Year Juno Award Winner

RUSH: Beyond The Lighted Stage has won the 2011 Juno for Music DVD of the Year:
"RUSH: Beyond The Lighted Stage, which offers a rare glimpse into the world of the Canadian rock stalwarts, has won Music DVD of the Year at this year's Juno gala dinner and award ceremony held tonight [March 26] in Toronto.The acclaimed documentary - which features the likes of Dave Grohl, Gene Simmons, and Billy Corgan speaking on the influence of the mighty rockers known as Rush - stands as the second consecutive win in this Juno category for filmmakers Sam Dunn and Scot McFadyen (the duo of Banger Films walked away victorious last year thanks to 'Iron Maiden: Flight 666')." -, March 26, 2011
"Beating out the Broken Social Scene flick This Movie is Broken - arguably their biggest competitor - Dunn and McFadyen were in high spirits back stage at the press conference following their acceptance speech. 'Everyone kind of came out of the Rush closet,' Dunn said of making the doc. 'The musicians and fans have wanted something like this for a long time'." -, March 26, 2011
In addition, on Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson were on hand to present the Album of the Year Juno to Arcade Fire for The Suburbs. Here is an audio clip of Geddy and Alex's presentation speech! - thanks to Shane Stevens for sending this recording!

RUSH: Beyond The Lighted Stage premiered Saturday, April 24th, 2010, at the Tribeca Film Festival, winning the prestigious $25,000 Heineken Audience Award, was chosen as one of the Top 10 audience favorites at Toronto's Hot Docs festival, won the Golden Reel Award for best documentary, the Juno Music DVD of the Year and was nominated for the Best Long Form Music Video Grammy award.

The film made its theatrical debut in Europe June 7th, and hit select theaters June 10th in the US and Canada, and premiered in the UK on November 1st accompanied by an exclusive Q&A with Geddy Lee, Scot McFadyen and Sam Dunn. The documentary was released on DVD and Blu-Ray June 29th. On September 1st, only two months after its retail release, Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage was certified Double Platinum by the RIAA for 200,000 units sold (each 2 disk DVD package counts as two units, while the blu-ray edition counts as one). The DVD became the #2 best selling music video of 2010 with 118,000 copies sold in just 26 weeks according to YahooMusic.

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  1. I think a movie should be made about them also. A movie that is very biographical and follows a timeline, kind of like The Doors movie. Starting in 1968 when Alex put the band together all the way to Snakes & Arrows tour. They have an awesome story of struggle, triumph and tradgedy and tirumph once again.

  2. Should be good! It's funny: when I started listening to the band in 8th grade (1980) it seemed they had made such a legacy already and they became the springboard for so many things in my life like playing guitar. I have truly enjoyed the tours & albums of the last few years...."Marathon" indeed.

  3. I've followed them since 1975 when I saw my first concert. I've missed only two tours during their run so I did literally grow up with these guys. A documentary would be a real bonus for all of us Rush fans and one I am anxious to see.

  4. "’s most respected rock artists such as Billy Corgan, Taylor Hawkins, Trent Reznor, Sebastian Bach, Kirk Hammett and Gene Simmons."

    This statement would be accurate if by "today's" they meant 15 years ago, and "respected" they meant made some money.

    As far as I know, the only people that respect Gene Simmons are those who think that the primary reason to play music is to get laid, and the secondary reason is to make money. I don't think either of those sentiments were ever held by the people currently in Rush.
    Taylor Hawkins, while by all accounts seems to be a nice guy, is only the second best drummer in the Foo Fighters.
    Billy Corgan is an a-grade #1 pompous asshole, and a b-grade rockstar wannabe has-been.

    Just my opinion, of course. :-)

  5. Sam and Scot are amazingly talented documentary creators. (I seem to overlook Scot since Sam was the narrative element in the oftentimes autobigraphical "Metal, A Headbanger's Journey".) But they really shine with "Iron Maiden: Flight 666"! This transcends traditional rockumentaries. It is less of a concert/interview film and more like an exploration of how artists experience their fans (including equal parts admiration and alienation). I predict that Rush fans are in for some surprises when the new film comes out.

  6. Dunn is an abomination. If he can resist ejecting his gormless, typical metalhead self into this film, it may triumph. Flight 666 had a chance to cover something important and it dealt with about half of it. Major let down. (And I'm not an Iron Maiden fan). As for Metal, it brought any half-educated metal or rock fan absolutely nothing new, re-enforced negative stereotypes and answered none of the questions it answered, and is only worth seeing for a few interviews.

    And Joe, your implication that Reznor is making music just for money largely ignores his releasing of albums for free, and his persistent awesomeness.

  7. Christmas is coming early this year! There are many "jewels" I'd love for the boys to play, but I'll be extremely happy with what I can get!

  8. In the latest article at, I included in my wish list "The Camera Eye" and "Jacob's Ladder", among other songs. If they play "The Camera Eye" as the opener, I will have nailed it! Let's see what else will match my list, but this is going to be a most memorable show. And that's just this tour! Another one coming next year as well. Gads, can we stand it? Can't wait!

  9. DOMINIC, I did not imply that Mr. Reznor made music just for money. I meant to imply that the only reason the article states he is "respected" is that he has made money, meaning the public recognizes his name. This is not to say I don't respect him musically, just that I don't think his respectability played much part in him being mentioned in the quote I provided. I am sorry you inferred otherwise.

    Paradiddler, it would be my assumption that if Rush were to advertise playing Moving Pictures in its entirety, they would play it in running order as it is on the album. My second guess would be that they wouldn't open with the album start to finish. I would guess that they open with a handful of songs first (maybe including one of the new ones), then launch into the album.

    That's the way I would do it, anyway. :-)

  10. Joe,

    Point well taken! My opinion is that playing the album from beginning to end would be too predictable, unless they're going to make that part of the show some sort of spectacular theatrical presentation that they've not done before. In any case, I do agree with you that they shouldn't start the show with the album.

    But, if they were to play all Moving Pictures songs interspersed throughout the show, I think they could incorporate some special intro for each so they could be highlighted in some way. If they do that, then they could in fact open with "The Camera Eye", possibly my biggest request.

    In any case, I'm sure Rush is pretty much done with the script of the show, so we'll just have to be surprised yet again! It should be an awesome show (as always).

  11. Saw the movie tonight in Boston at the Regent Theater in Arlington MA. Fantastic movie! Can't wait to buy the BluRay. A must see for any fan.

    Donna Halper the Music Director of Cleveland's WMMS was there and gave a nice talk about listening to the album for the first time. Video here:

  12. I enjoyed the movie. I didn't mind sellout Gene or Corgan. That clown Vinnie Paul pissed me off. Preaching about Ged and Neil. He completely glossed over Alex. Shouldn't you (by default) have some understanding of Al's brilliance if you are going to be in a movie about Rush? That hamburger headed, dunce bearded, pinhead, pissed me off. God, I hate when people don't mention Alex when they talk about Rush! Even Kirk Hamster actually got it right.

  13. I love you Carl Spackler.

    Alex Lifeson continues to be one of the most underrated guitarists ever.

  14. I thought platinum was 1,000,000 units sold?


  16. I didn't vote for it when I saw it in Toronto. They wanted my ticket stub and I thought, "No way!" Great doc though and Nancy Young (Ged's wife) got me the tix.

  17. Jim, 1,000,000 is for an audio album platinum status. Video's are 100,000 units, which is the sum total of the number of disks sold. In this case, BTLS has sold a sum total of 200,000 disks; roughly 75,000 DVD sets (times 2) plus around 50,000 blurays.

  18. Sam Dunn and Scot McFadyen comment on the Grammy nomination for Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage below:

    "We are very proud to be nominated for this film. Rush has been nominated for seven Grammys in the past and never won. So we are hoping to bring this one home for the boys," said the two Canadian filmmakers.

  19. And the winner is...

    "When You're Strange" - The Doors.

    Haven't seen it yet. I am a fan of the Doors so I'll have to check it out. Oh, and like the Hall of Fame, I take the Grammy's with a grain of salt.

  20. I don't have anything against The Doors. But it still would have a great moment to see Rush: Behind The Lighted Stage to win.

    Well there will be always next years grammys. When we see "Clockwork Angels" gain a nomination. I hope the album wins.