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The six most-beloved Rush concept songs - Macleans

Following up on their recent interview with Neil Peart, Maclean's has published on their website "The six most-beloved Rush concept songs". Author Mike Doherty takes us through his choices, which include By-Tor and the Snowdog, Fountain of Lamneth, 2112, Cygnus X-1 (Books 1 & 2), Natural Science and Clockwork Angels.

Rush Feature In "Metal Hammer" July Now Online

There's a new interview with Alex Lifeson in the July issue of Metal Hammer magazine. The cover feature "Kingdom Come" is now online courtesy of John Patuto of  Alex discusses the recording of Clockwork Angels, the Time Machine Tour, Beyond The Lighted Stage and more. In addition there are two sidebars including one discussing RUSH's meeting Ozzy Osbourne at Rockfield Studios during the recording of A Farewell To Kings, and another regarding Rush and Machine Head who recorded "Witch Hunt" on their last album. - Thanks to RushFanForever for the headsup!

Neil Peart Interview with MacLeans

MacLeans' has posted a new interview to their website, "Neil Peart On Introverts, Learning To Improvise, And Why People Should Be Nicer To One Another".  Neil talks about first joining Rush, the Clockwork Angels album and novelization, the upcoming tour, and more.

Rush Parodies by ApologetiX

ApologetiX is a Christian rock band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who record song parodies with a Christian twist (think Weird Al meets Jerry Falwell).

They have released 17 albums in the last 20 years, including two RUSH parodies: "Tom Saw Ya", parodying "Tom Sawyer", was released on Grace Period, 2002, while "Timeline", a parody of "Limelight", is on Wise Up And Rock, 2011. - Thanks to Andrew Weiss for the headsup!

Rush Feature in Stereophile September

The September issue of Stereophile just hit newsstands last week, and is now available for your reading pleasure. In "Working Men: Rush Celebrate More Than Four Decades of By-Tor, Geddy Lee's Voice, and the World's Biggest Drum Kit", Alex discusses the new album and more importantly the mastering. In addition, he revisits the horrible mastering of Vapor Trails: " is a war. Vapor Trails [2002], for example, was mastered so hot, it really wrecked the album. I can't listen to that record. It's so flat and has so much distortion that we really want to remix that record. It was out of our hands when it was mastered, and the mastering engineer did a poor job. He's the first one to admit it. He really pushed it."

Clockwork Angles: The Novel - World Premier Book Launch

On Friday author Kevin J. Anderson posted to his news blog the following announcement regarding Clockwork Angles: The Novel :
Toronto fans, we will be launching CLOCKWORK ANGELS: The Novel, first time ever on sale, on Thursday evening, August 23 at the Richmond and John Chapters (142 John Street) at 7:00pm.  I’ll be in Toronto as a guest at Fan Expo throughout the weekend, but this event—open to the general public—will be the first time the novel is available for sale.  I will give a talk, answer questions, and autograph books…lots of them, I hope!

For further details, see  This event is free, and I do not charge for autographs.

US fans, you’ll have to wait an extra week.  I WILL have plenty of copies for sale on August 31 at DragonCon in Atlanta.

And if you want to follow me on Facebook, click the link to the Official Kevin J. Anderson fan page and send a request.

Rush On The Cover of "Goldmine" September - Transcript Online

Rush is featured on the cover of the the new issue (September) of Goldmine magazine. The cover reads "Power Play: Rush returns to its roots with Clockwork Angels".

UPDATE: The transcript is now available here. Alex talks about the album and goes through the songs track by track. He also discusses the band's history, and also his "greatest riffs". He closes by sharing that he has recorded "an hour or two" of solo material for potential release on a second solo album in the future, but has no immediate plans to do so. Thanks to Ed at RushIsABand for the original scans!

Free PDF Download of Clockwork Angels Preview Booklet

Yesterday Kevin J. Anderson, author of Clockwork Angels: The Novel, posted the following to his blog:
"I’ve received many envelopes and requests for the special preview booklet of CLOCKWORK ANGELS: The Novel. With ECW Press and the Rush Store, we’ve decided to make the pdf available for download as well. The preview includes introductions by Neil Peart and me, the first three chapters in the novel, lyrics to “Caravan,” and some of the artwork. You can download the pdf by clicking the link."

Invest in Rush - Sesac Bond Offering

According to an article from Dow Jones Newswires, Rush song royalties are being included in a $300 million bond issuance by Sesac Inc.:
"Bob Dylan's music was the soundtrack for the counterculture of 1960s America. Now it has become a selling point for an unusual bond offering being marketed to institutional investors and wealthy individuals. A privately held Nashville, Tenn., company is preparing a $300 million bond backed by the cut it receives as a middleman between music companies and songwriters and the outlets that broadcast their music. The company, Sesac Inc., has the exclusive rights to the public broadcast or performance of the music of Mr. Dylan, pop singer Neil Diamond, Canadian rock band Rush and jazz singer Cassandra Wilson..."
- Thanks to Ed at RushIsABand for the headsup!

Anthrax To Cover "Anthem" On Upcoming Covers EP

UPDATE 8/4: Artisan News Service spoke to Anthrax's guitarist Scott Ian and bassist Frank Bello regarding their upcoming covers EP which will include a cover of Rush's "Anthem".  You can watch here.
"The RUSH song is a bit of a bitch; I can't say that's an easy one. But it's a song we all know and we're all familiar with, so then, of course, you take on the challenge of just really trying to nail it and do it justice." - Scott Ian

"I have to get every little part of Geddy down, 'cause I'm a fanatic with that stuff, and I have to," Bello said. "I'm still working on little bits. It's great. I love it." - Frank Bellow.
- Thanks to Frank Ray for the headsup!

UPDATE 8/1: In a story posted at back in June, it was revealed that Anthrax is covering "Anthem" on an EP to be released on or around September 13th to celebrate the one year anniversary of their album Worship Music:
“To commemorate the first year of ‘Worship Music’ being out, we’re putting together a little companion EP with some fun s--t on it,” he said. “It started out as what I call ‘The ’70s EP.’ It’s made up of some cover songs from our favorite bands – consisting of Rush, Thin Lizzy, Boston, Journey… We’re still working on it now, but I think it’s gonna be really cool.”

Fan can expect to hear Anthrax’s takes on AC/DC’s “T.N.T.,” Boston’s “Smokin’,” Journey’s “Keep on Runnin’” and Rush’s “Anthem.” The EP is due around September 13. -, June 20, 2012
 - Thanks to John at for the update!

In a new interview with, Anthrax's Frank Bello says that their next album will include a "RUSH classic":
"We’re doing some cover versions of songs and re-releasing the record in the fall with some special cover songs such as a RUSH track and a BOSTON song. It’s gonna be great. Some really cool stuff which I think people are really going to dig." - Frank Bello, BW&BN, July 30, 2012 - Thanks B-man for the headsup!

Guitar Center Announces 2012 RockWalk Inductions/Rush Sweepstakes

More news has been announced regarding Rush's Guitar Center RockWalk induction.  From a press release published yesterday:
"Guitar Center is proud to announce their upcoming 2012 RockWalk induction ceremonies featuring multi-platinum and Grammy winning singer-songwriter Alanis Morissette, Multi-Platinum and Grammy winning Latin rockers Mana, and renowned rock trio Rush.  Each Guitar Center RockWalk induction will be held at the retailer's historic Hollywood location on Sunset Boulevard. The inductions, which are invite only, will include an induction speech and ceremony, in which the musicians' handprints will be immortalized for the millions of music fans who visit Hollywood each year. Each of the new inductees' handprints will reside in the RockWalk alongside other accomplished musicians and innovators such as, Eric Clapton, George Martin, Jimmy Page, Iron Maiden, Carlos Santana, Johnny Cash, Van Halen, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Marvin Gaye, James Brown, B.B. King, Stevie Wonder, Run-D.M.C. and Queen, among numerous others.

Schedule of Upcoming Guitar Center RockWalk Inductions:   Rush – November 20, 2012" - PRNewswire, August 2, 2012 - Thanks to B-man for the headsup!

In addition, as previously announced Guitar Center is holding a Rush Sweepstakes to celebrate their 48th anniversary.  The grand prize includes a VIP trip for 2 to see Rush in Los Angeles, a chance to win $1,000,000 during the GC Anniversary Dice Roll, attendance at GC's RockWalk induction of Rush, a Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass, and $500 spending money.  Not bad.  For details and to enter click here. - Thanks to John Stevenson for the headsup!

Classic Rock Presents Rush - Clockwork Angels Special

UPDATE August 1: The complete transcript is now online!

UPDATE July 6: "Classic Rock Presents Rush Clockwork Angels - a special iPad version of the official deluxe fanpack for the album featuring bonus exclusive video interview with Rush's Geddy Lee. Now available to download with or without the album (please note album music remains inside the fanpack and cannot be extracted to iTunes)".  Click here to purchase.

UPDATE May 29: Rush and Classic Rock have just shared a 10 page "sampler" of the fan pack which you can view here.

Although the US release date is June 12th, the UK release date is not until July.  However, UK fans can get it on June 11th as part of the Classic Rock Presents Rush - Clockwork Angles fanpack:
"The album - Rush's first since 2007 and their first on Roadrunner Records - will go on sale officially in the UK in July. However, the new record will be available from 11 June as part of an exclusive fanpack put together by our good friends at Classic Rock.

On sale a full three weeks before the regular UK album release date, Classic Rock Presents Rush - Clockwork Angels (fanpack edition) features the new album in full plus a 132 page magazine that forms the 'ultimate sleevenotes' to the new record, with extensive and exclusive interviews with Neil Peart, Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson.

Inside is everything you need to know about Clockwork Angels: full track-by-track rundown by the band, an interview with producer Nick Raskulinecz, long time cover artist Hugh Syme and more - all with exclusive unseen shots.

Other features include: Gene Simmons on Rush in the '70s, Rush's live rig and set-up, plus the band's full back catalogue reappraised by former producer Terry Brown, Manic Street Preacher and superfan Nicky Wire, Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) and more.

Pre-order Classic Rock Presents Rush - Clockwork Angels" -, April 11, 2012

"Conquering Mount Rush-More" - Kerrang! Now Online

On July 20th, shared that there is a new Rush feature in the latest issue of Kerrang! magazine, with the tagline "Conquering Mount-Rush-more - the 10 steps that made Rush rock's biggest, geekiest cult."

Thanks to John Patuto at, the transcription is now available for your reading pleasure.

"Clockwork Angels: The Novel" special signed/numbered editions

REMINDER: The Gold and Silver editions are now on sale!

Author Kevin J. Anderson and have announced the following regarding special signed/numbered editions of Clockwork Angels - The Novel:
"ECW Press and ShowTech have created two wonderful special editions for Clockwork Angels: The Novel, limited to a total of 600, every one numbered and autographed by Neil Peart and me.  The Gold and Silver editions go on sale THIS FRIDAY July 27 at 10 AM ET.
"Gold Edition—This is really one of the coolest limited editions I’ve ever seen.  The final manuscript for Clockwork Angels: The Novel was 302 pages long. Neil and I autographed every page of the manuscript. This signed manuscript page is matted and framed, and accompanied by a limited art print of one of the book’s illustrations, signed by artist Hugh Syme. It’s a large, beautiful frame.  So, if you get manuscript page 45, you are the only person in the world who has that page.
"Neil and I also signed and numbered bookplates for a special edition of the novel itself, embossed and slipcased, copies #1-302.  If you get manuscript page 45, you get copy #45 of the numbered slipcased edition.  The package including the framed signed ms. page, signed art print, and numbered slipcased edition sells for $299.95.  ***Sales begin at 10 AM ET Friday, July 27*** Follow the link Gold Edition.
"Silver Edition—Copies #303-600 of the embossed, autographed, numbered, and slipcased edition of Clockwork Angels: The Novel are available as the Silver Edition, selling for $74.95.  ***Sales begin at 10 AM ET Friday, July 27*** Follow the link Silver Edition.  Copies will also be available at the Rush Store.
"We expect these to sell out quickly. If you are interested in a copy, be sure you’re ready at 10 AM ET." - Kevin J. Anderson,, July 23, 2012

What Is the Best Prog Rock Album of All Time? -

UPDATE: Today posted the results of their readers poll, and three RUSH albums made the Top 10:
10) Rush - Moving Pictures
8) Rush - Hemispheres
2) Rush - 2112 is asking for your vote of your favorite prog rock album of all time.
Is it 2112 by Rush? The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway by Genesis? Script for a Jester's Tear by Marillion? Vote for whatever album you want, but please just vote once and only for a single album.  Click here to vote. - Thanks to RushFanForever for the headsup!

"The Wreckers" - The Second Single from Clockwork Angels

Yesterday Roadrunner Records announced:
"Rush has chosen 'The Wreckers' as the second single from their latest album, Clockwork Angels, which hit #2 on the Billboard charts in its first week of release, with sales of over 104,000 copies."
The song hits radio today, don't forget to pester your local stations  to play new Rush!

Click here for "Rush, ‘The Wreckers’ – Song Review" at

- Thanks to Ed @ RushIsABand for the headsup!

Alex Lifeson On "Nights With Alice Cooper" Podcast Available

As previously announced, Alex Lifeson joined Alice Cooper on his radio program, "Nights with Alice Cooper" back on June 21st. The interview is now available on Alice's podcast page. - Thanks to RushFanForever for the headsup!

"Full Steam" - M Music & Musicians Magazine

M Music & Musicians Magazine has published a new online feature with Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson titled "Full Steam".  From their June issue, they talk about receiving the Governor General's award, recording Clockwork Angels, and the state of the music industry, among other topics.

Kevin J Anderson To Appear at RushCon/Discusses Clockwork Angels Audiobook

Author Kevin J. Anderson, who is writing Clockwork Angels: The Novel (now available for preorder here) and as audiobook here), announced on Friday that he will be appearing at RushCon in Toronto this October.  In addition, he posted the following regarding a special afterward for the Neil Peart read audio book:
"...this afternoon I was in the studio recording a special afterword for the Brilliance unabridged audio edition of the novel (which is read by Neil Peart).  Over the past two days, I worked with artist Hugh Syme to develop a lavish illustrated booklet, 32 pages, which is exclusive to the physical edition of the audiobook. It’s been approved by Neil and already off to press. The audio will be released simultaneously with the hardcover novel on September 1, and both are available for preorder now." - Kevin J. Anderson, July 19, 2012
For more on Kevin J. Anderson, visit his entry on this website's "Rush Inspired Literature, Film, And Pop Culture References" page here. You might also be interested in Neil's introduction to Landscapes, Anderson's short story collection. Lastly, check out Anderson's blog post from 2010 telling of his spending time with Neil during Rush's visit to Colorado on the Time Machine Tour.

Sonic Reality's "Moving Signals & Waves - A Tribute To Rush" Featuring The Drums Of Neil Peart Coming This Summer

Today SonicReality's Dave Kerzner posted to his Facebook page "I'm producing, engineering and playing keys on a full album of Rush covers featuring Neil Peart of Rush on drums via his Sonic Reality sample library "Neil Peart Drums" plus special guests from bands like Yes, Porcupine Tree, Asia FJP, It Bites, Triumph and more. Due to be out on iTunes and on CD by the end of the Summer. :)!"

This is the second Rush tribute by Sonic Reality featuring Neil Peart on drums; click here for info regarding  XYZ - A Tribute To Rush released this past April.