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Sonic Reality's "XYZ A Tribute To Rush" Featuring The Drums Of Neil Peart Now Available For Download (CD's shipping soon)

UPDATE April 21: The download version of Sonic Elements XYZ - A Tribute To Rush featuring Neil Peart Drums is now available from esoundz.  The CD version will be shipping soon.

Sonic Reality's Neil Peart Drums is a sample library featuring recordings of Neil Peart playing the Snakes and Arrows’ Custom DW Drum Kit.  The Sonic Elements project was put together by Sonic Reality CEO Dave Kerzner featuring various musicians from around the world playing classic rock covers and originals using the library samples.   For more info, check out Everything You Wanted To Know About Sonic Reality's Neil Peart Drums: An Interview With Dave Kerzner by Andrew Olson.

You can purchase the music on CD or download, or you can download Neil Peart Drums to do a virtual jam with him yourself! All is here: (XYZ can be ordered at the bottom of the page).
1) Tom Sawyer: Vocals, Guitar - John Wesley (Porcupine Tree); Keyboards - Dave Kerzner; Bass - Billy Sherwood
2) Red Barchetta: Vocals, Guitar - Rik Emmett (Triumph); Keyboards - Dave Kerzner; Bass - Matt Dorsey
3) YYZ: Guitar, Bass - Billy Sherwood; Guitar - Alastair Greene; Keyboards - Dave Kerzner
4) Limelight: Vocals - Randy McStine; Guitars - John Wesley; Keyboards - Dave Kerzner; Bass - Billy Sherwood
5) Trifecta (Bonus Track): Guitars, Bass - Billy Sherwood; Keyboards - Dave Kerzner
6) Times Gone (Pre-Order Only Bonus Track): Guitars, Bass - Billy Sherwood; Keyboards - Dave Kerzner
On all: Drums - Neil Peart Drums by Sonic Reality

"I completed a track in Mike Shotton's studio for Sonic Elements, and a company called Sonic Reality, where I played and sang the Rush song 'Red Barchetta' along with digital drum tracks performed by Neil Peart, and bass guitar from Matt Dorsey.   There's been a lot of hoo-haw about this, but it was just an afternoon of personal rehearsal, followed by an afternoon of studio fun.  It was an entertaining challenge, like being in a digital-age cover band, singin' Geddy lines and playing Alex parts."  - Rik Emmett, enewsletter, December 1, 2011


  1. Everybody who knows me knows that I am Rush fan. EVERYBODY even in passing and I usually get the, "Geddy's voice" comments, which I grin and bare and think to myself that he is actually more talented than most singers I hear now days... and that his voice is perfect for Rush's music that being said.... WOW what a nice vocal on this track by Rik Emmett, I mean WOW. I think he really did it justice, very melodic and yet reminiscent of the original.

  2. So is the XYZ disc still available for purchase? I actually just found out about this,and would love to own it. Can't seem to find it on itunes or anywhere else.

    1. It looks like only the download version is now available.