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New Petition To Urge VIP Nation To Reverse VIP Policies

Feeling dissatisfied with your VIP ticket purchase?  An new online petition has been created to urge VIP Nation to reveal the location of the VIP seating. From the petition:
VIP Nation's new policies state that one can buy a VIP package (that guarantees one a seat within the first 15 rows of a venue) through their website for around $300 USD but will not know one's actual seat until the day of the show. It is gathered from this new policy that this is to prevent resale of tickets to professional brokers who would then in turn make a huge profit at the band's expense. However, this is a huge gamble- one could ostensibly buy a VIP package and end up with a seat on the far aisle of the 15th row of an arena- a terrible view for the amount of money paid for it. This is quite different than the Time Machine Tour VIP packages that told one immediately where one's seat would be. This will not stand.
It is assumed that these policies apply to all VIP ticket sales and were not created specifically for Rush fans.  VIP Nation's frequently asked questions is available on their home page.


  1. This is the reason I would not buy the VIP Tickets. I had three tickets to purchase, and to not know where my $1,000. seats were going to be was just crazy.

  2. I did this at a Tool concert at the Verizon and we had a liberty activist with tickets to the show do that.