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A Tribute To Rush

The progressive rock trio RUSH released their first album in 1974. Shortly thereafter, Alex Lifeson (guitars) and Geddy Lee (bass, vocals and keyboards) were joined by Neil Peart (percussion, lyricist). After over 40 years together the band has released a total of 20 studio albums, 11 live albums as well as numerous compilation albums, of which 24 have gone gold, and 14 platinum.

Here you will find current news, a complete discography with lyrics, a videography, listings of RUSH members' solo projects and guest appearances, as well as the most extensive RUSH tour archive to be found online or in print. Other resources include a wide-ranging listing of RUSH related literature, cover songs and albums, tributes, a pop culture section and more. Along with the information archive, this site includes a slew of RUSH offerings including album art wallpaper for your PC and Smartphone, and Windows users can utilize Themes inspired by the album art and music of RUSH.

Rush News

Clockwork Angels Album And Tourbook Covers Leaked

Finally, the album cover to Clockwork Angels, Rush's long awaited 19th studio album has been revealed/leaked.  The image replicates the clock-face from the "Caravan" single, floating in a red storm background.  The time on the clock is 9:12, or "2112" in military time.

And as I've posted before, starting at the one o'clock position on the Clockwork Angels clock face, the symbols are Brimstone, Purification, Mercury, Winter, Zinc, Sun, Aquarius, Essence, Neptune, Lead, Earth, and Copper.

In addition, the Clockwork Angels tour book cover has also been leaked, and it includes a dalmatian standing on a sidewalk staring at a red fire-hydrant painted on a the wall; through cracks in the wall clockworks are seen.
- Thanks to MJZ and Ed at RushIsABand for the headsup!


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  2. I agree, it would be fantastic to have Signals played in its entirety, as long as they play Clockwork Angels in its entirety.

  3. WoW... What a nice cover.... And a tour like the last one with Signals content !!!! How about the entire album ? Cant wait to hear "The Weapon" or "Countdown" ! Rush rules !!! Sylvain from Montreal, Qc

  4. Yep I agree... Clockwork Angels + Signals = I can die...

  5. Are you sure these are the right way round?

    It makes more sense to me that the dalmatian one is the album cover and they're going to play 2112 in it's entirety on the tour.

  6. Paulo, yes they are correct. The dalmatian image was labeled as the tourbook cover in the files I received...

  7. I agree with Paulo, you would want to have your bandname and album title on the cover, right? and labeling can be done wrong...

    The dalmation picture does look a lot better as an album cover, compared to the other picture.

  8. Way Cool!!!! It looks like they might be doing all of the Signals album this tour. It's always been my favorite album. Came out when I was in high school, and has had the biggest impact on me. I still crank it up in the car (windows down). :-D

  9. Omg if they play loosing it i will cum everywhere!!!

  10. also it would be more fun if they did GUP but anyway I don't think the dog and hydrant is that significant - haven't they appeared on other covers?

    I can only think of HYF actually

  11. The clock is not pointing to the 9 but 6. It's why it's being released June 12. But they figured by using 9:12 in Military time as PM it would be 21:12. The Sun or third Month in relationship to our calender is followed by Aquarius which is really the 4th month. funny how the 9 which is really June the start of Summer looks like a Pitchfork. with a 3 pointed cross 666