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Neil Peart's "News Weather and Sports" - August 2013

Neil Peart has just updated his website with the latest edition of News, Weather & Sports titled "It’s Not Over When It’s Over".   Neil writes about the final days of the tour, including narrowly avoiding a massive forest fire in Washington state, as well as the moving of the Calgary show to Red Deer:
The first show of this final run had been scheduled for July 24 in Calgary, but just a few weeks earlier that city endured a massive flood. The arena we were supposed to play in was underwater up to the tenth row.  It was fairly certain we would not be playing that building, but rather than cancel our show, I suggested to the Guys at Work and manager Ray that we move it somewhere else, to higher ground—maybe outdoors—and play a benefit for those people who had lost so much. Everybody readily agreed, and Ray set about making it happen. It turned out that nowhere in Calgary itself was going to work, and the considered alternatives of Lethbridge, Alberta, and Kelowna, British Columbia, were rejected in favor of . . .  Red Deer, Alberta.
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"Rush: The Studio Albums 1989-2007" Featuring All New Remasters Now Available for Preorder

Rush: The Studio Albums 1989-2007 is now available for preorder, to be released October 1st.  The 7-disc boxed set features every studio album Rush recorded for Atlantic Records presented in a wallet sleeve that faithfully reproduces the original artwork (except for Vapor Trails Remixed, which features a reinterpreted version of the original cover).

Those that passed on the Atlantic Remasters when they were released in 2004 may be interested in knowing that The Studio Albums 1989-2007 box contains new CD versions of the six Atlantic albums newly remastered by Masterdisk's Chief Mastering Engineer, Andy VanDette, released last May digitally only on iTunes and HDTracks.  The box also includes the all-new Vapor Trails Remixed, which is also being released October 1st as a stand-alone CD as well as on Vinyl and iTunes.  This boxed set is Atlantic's complement to the Sectors boxed sets, which were also remastered by VanDette in 2011.

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Headlong Flight To Be Included On "XXX: Three Decades Of Roadrunner Records" Box Coming October 1

"Roadrunner Records celebrates its three-decades-plus legacy as one of the most highly regarded labels in heavy metal and hard rock history by releasing a four-CD boxed set covering a broad spectrum of heavy music with tracks from dozens of the world’s most legendary artists.XXX: Three Decades of Roadrunner Records

"The set, due for release on October 1, includes 54 tracks spread across four discs, packaged in a deluxe fold-out paneled box, at a retail price of $39.98. Decibel contributor Chris Dick has written the liner notes, which trace Roadrunner’s entire history and include quotes from founder Cees Wessels; legendary A&R guru Monte Conner; and artists such as King Diamond, Sepultura/Soulfly/Cavalera Conspiracy mastermind Max Cavalera, Trivium frontman Matt Heafy, Opeth leader Mikael Ã…kerfeldt, Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison, and more....The final disc, “Rock For The Ages,” focuses on Roadrunner’s hard rock contingent with tracks from mainstays such as Rush, Nickelback, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Theory Of A Deadman, Airbourne, Black Stone Cherry, and Korn featuring Skrillex, among others" - Roadrunner Records, August 19, 2013 (Thanks to RushIsABand for the headsup!)

Auction: Neil Peart autographed drum head to benefit Mike Hesser

Currently up for auction is an autographed 10" concert tom drum head last used during "All the Worlds a Stage" tour.  Proceeds will benefit Mike Hesser, a self employed arborist who for the past two years has been dealing with some very serious health issues that is keeping him from working. This, unfortunately, has left him with no source of income or health insurance. He is now homeless and in desperate need of basic essentials to survive. Mike has been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, which is a condition that causes long-term, body-wide pain, tenderness in the joints, muscles, tendons and other soft tissues. The pain then spreads out from these areas to include the back of the neck, shoulders, lower back, hips, shins, elbows, and knees. Mike also suffers from lesions throughout his body, which he is currently going through extensive testing at the Florida Department of education vocational rehab center. As of now, doctors have not yet been able to determine the cause.  The auction ends August 25th. - Thanks to Dean Bobisud for the headsup!

Autographed NEP Books for sale

For sale: copies of Neil Peart's books "Masked Rider", "Ghost Rider" and "Traveling Music", each with a personal, hand written message to Peter Brockbank on the inside cover from the author.  Peter Brockbank has known NEP since 1971, and narrated many of their adventures together in the "Legends Of Brocklehurst" (a nickname given him by Neil).  Any doubts about these being genuine will be dispelled by one to one contact with any interested person; if interested send an email to

Photo Gallery: Rush At The Pepsi Center, Denver, Colorado, August 2, 2013

The Clockwork Angels soared a Mile High on Friday night, as the Rush tour finally visited Denver after 11 months on the road. We were there, and here are photos of the show from photographer John Vinson taken exclusively for Power Windows. John has been shooting Rush for nearly 30 years - you may remember his photos from A Show of Fans and The Spirit of Rush fanzines!

Click here for the Photo Gallery of Rush At The Pepsi Center, Denver, Colorado, August 2, 2013!

Autographed Neil Peart DW Snare Auction For The Hospice of Santa Barbara

A DW Super Solid snare drum signed by Neil Peart, Jim Keltner and Doane Perry is currently up for auction on eBay with all proceeds going to benefit the Hospice of Santa Barbara. Neil Peart's signature is accompanied by a message reading Best wishes to everyone!. The bidding starts at $2500 and the auction will run through this coming Friday, August 9th. For all the details and to place your bid go to this location. - Thanks to RushIsABand for the headsup!

Clockwork Angels Tour - Latest News And Reviews

The 2013 leg of the Clockwork Angels Tour kicked off April 23rd in Austin, Texas, and will conclude August 4th in Kansas City, Missouri.  Here are the latest news and reviews.  For spoilers, including setlists, photos and videos, visit the Clockwork Angels Tour News page.

Clockwork Angels Tour News and Reviews

Sabian Announces Limited Edition "Clockwork Angels" Graphic Cymbal - Now Available for Purchase

UPDATE:  The limited edition Clockwork Angels 22" ride cymbal is now available for purchase at MusiciansFriend for $549; the original 22" Paragon ride goes for $369.

Today Sabian has announced it will be offering a limited run of "Clockwork Angels" graphic cymbals, their first available for consumers to purchase:
While quantities last, Sabian will offer a limited release of the Neil Peart 22” Paragon Steampunk Ride and the Chad Smith 19” RHCP-Edition Holy China in North America only.

The cymbals will be well-known to fans of Rush and the Red Hot Chili Peppers alike – they received a huge burst of fan attention during both the Rush “Clockwork Angels” and the Red Hot Chili Peppers “I’m With You” Tours, during which SABIAN social media sites were inundated with fans asking where to buy the unique graphic models.

As a result of the huge demand, SABIAN will produce a limited run of 300 of each cymbal in 2013 for Canada and the US. Although both are current production models, these cymbals are printed with an original, eye-catching graphic, and each one is hand-numbered under the bell and packaged in a deluxe custom bag with certificate of authenticity.

Cymbals will be available for purchase later this month.
Thanks to Mark Rosenthal for the headsup!

"Why Rush Is My Favorite Band" -

Tomorrow before Rush's show in Denver, Coohills Restaurant will be hosting a preconcert get together across the street from the Pepsi Center at 1400 Wewatta Street.  Chef Tom Coohill is a huge fan, and will be offering drink specials including a special 2112 cocktail.  In addition, Tom has just penned the article "Why Rush Is My Favorite Band", which will appear in tomorrow's Denver Post. - Thanks Tom for the headsup!

"Gateways To Geekery An introduction to Rush, the biggest cult band in the world" - A.V. Club

As part of their "Gateways To Geekery" series, today the A.V. Club posted "An introduction to Rush, the biggest cult band in the world". A thoughtful and truthful report, the A.V. Club has published a road map that attempts to set any new or young Rush fan well on the way to become a full fledged fanatic.

"A house closer to the heart: See Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson’s country home" - The Globe & Mail

Today's Globe & Mail features Alex's wife Charlene, giving a tour of their new country home.  Included is a gallery with pics of Alex's wine cellar and home office featuring some of his favorites axes...

Vapor Trails Remix, Coming October 1st

CD, Vinyl, iTunes,
Rush: The Studio Albums 1989-2007 announced on August 1st:
The Newly Remixed Version Of Vapor Trails And 7-Disc Boxed Set Of Atlantic Studio Albums.

Both Are Available On October 1 from Atlantic/Rhino (September 30 internationally)

In 2009, two tracks from VAPOR TRAILS (“One Little Victory” and “Earthshine”) were remixed for the Retrospective III collection, setting you all into a frenzy in anticipation of a possible remixed version of the entire album being released one day. That time has come.

The Vapor Trails Remixed album will be available on CD, Double LP, and digital download on October 1 from Atlantic/Rhino.

“Vapor Trails was an album made under difficult and emotional circumstances – sort of like Rush learning how to be Rush again – and as a result, mistakes were made that we have longed to correct. David Bottrill’s remixes have finally brought some justice and clarity to this deserving body of our work,” says Geddy Lee.

“Every song has been given a new life, from the fire of ‘One Little Victory,’ ‘Secret Touch,’ and ‘Ceiling Unlimited’ to the melodic musicality of ‘Sweet Miracle’ and ‘How It Is’… these songs have been redeemed. Thank you David!”

The remixed version of VAPOR TRAILS will also be included in the new 7-disc boxed set RUSH: THE STUDIO ALBUMS 1989-2007, which features every studio album Rush recorded for Atlantic Records. The collection includes the Gold & Platinum albums Presto (1989), Roll The Bones (1991), Counterparts (1993), and Test For Echo (1996), as well as their covers EP Feedback (2004) and the Billboard Top 5 album Snakes & Arrows (2007). THE STUDIO ALBUMS 1989-2007 features each album presented in a wallet sleeve that faithfully reproduces the original artwork (except for VAPOR TRAILS, which features a reinterpreted version of the original cover) and is also available on October 1 from Atlantic/Rhino. -, August 1, 2013
On July 29th, in his latest News Weather & Sports report, Neil Peart announced:
"The band had recently been overseeing a remixed version of our Vapor Trails album, from 2002, as we had never been happy with how it turned out."
This was obviously good news for Rush fans that have been yearning for a remix since the original release in 2002.  It has now been confirmed that Vapor Trails has been remixed by David Botrill and mastered by Andy VanDette.  In a Facebook post  made July 9th, Grammy award winning Canadian record producer David Bottrill announced:
"So...It's late in Los Angeles and I'm just listening to the 1st mastering job by Andy VanDette at Masterdisk of Vapor Trails, a great underrated record by Rush that I finished re-mixing a few weeks ago. This record was written and recorded just after, and about a time of great tragedy, and there were times, I'm sure, where it was uncertain whether the band would ever record together again.  I just have to say how proud and grateful I am to have had the opportunity again to work with such creative giants.  Please...if you are a fan, or even if you are not, give this new version a chance as I think you will appreciate it for its raw emotion, clarity of purpose, and cathartic appeal.   For those who don't know the story, just check out 'Ghost Rider: Travels On The Healing Road' by Neil Peart."

CBS Boston's Toucher & Rich: ‘Geddy’ Bruschi Performing Hits Of Rush

Yesterday the New England Patriots inducted Tedy Bruschi into the Patriot's Hall of Fame.  In honor of the induction, CBS Boston's Toucher & Rich replayed an old contest featuring Tedy Bruschi, aka "Geddy Bruschi" performing the hits of Rush.  It is not to be missed... - Thanks to Tod O'Donnell for the headsup!

Neil Peart's "News Weather and Sports" - July 2013

Neil Peart has just updated his website with the latest edition of News, Weather & Sports titled "On Days Like These". Neil tells of his latest motorcycle adventures on tour, and also indicates that "The band had recently been overseeing a remixed version of our Vapor Trails album, from 2002, as we had never been happy with how it turned out. Good news indeed. Check it out here!

Rush Included on "Canada 24: Rock Your Cottage Weekend" Compilation

Rush's "Closer To The Heart" is one of 24 tracks by Canadian artist included on the new "Canada 24: Rock Your Cottage Weekend" compilation released this past Tuesday, July 23rd. The compilation can be ordered here; for more information check out the album's review by the CBC. - Thanks to RushFanForever for the headsup!

"Heart 'Destroy Stigmas,' Profess Love For Rush" - Huffington Post

In a new interview with Huffington Post, Nancy Wilson of fellow Rock & Roll inductees Heart tells of her newfound love of Rush:
"We are into Rush now. We watched that documentary 'Beyond The Lighted Stage.' I found it so completely great I took it on the road and me and [Heart singer] Ann and [other Wilson sister] Lynn watched it on our tour bus and we're like, 'Oh my god, we get it! We understand where it comes from now.'

I wanted to check 'em out because they were so tight with our producer Ben Mink. He's one of Geddy Lee's oldest dearest friends from back in the day in the '70s, so we kind of ended up hooking up with them more recently and I wanted to check 'em out again because of him and because Rush is kind of one of those bands that are kind of like a dog whistle that only men can hear.

I've always liked a lot of their songs on the radio over the years, but I've never felt compelled to pick up their albums.  But now I want to pick up their new one. We've become Rush fans."
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Howard Ungerleider Interview - Rush's Clockwork Angels Tour 2013 & Lighting Rush for almost 40 years

Long time Rush fan Brad Parmerter recently sat down with Rush's lighting designer Howard Ungerleider to talk about the Clockwork Angels tour as well as work he has done over his nearly 40 career with Rush.  This in depth interview covers a lot of ground, and a lot of years:
"I’ve put light bulbs that didn’t exist in PAR-cans in PAR-cans before, things like that. That has driven people crazy. I made my crew one year put up 158 lights surrounding one of my rigs and I only used it for 22 seconds and they hated that.  That was for 'Countdown.' It was the light that surrounded the whole system that were on as the Space Shuttle launched. I heard about that for years, 'You made us hang those every single day for 22 seconds!' 'Yes. I did. [smiles]"
In addition, Howard provides an update regarding the band's tour plans for the next tour years:
"Are they talking about touring again? Yes. They’re talking about possibly touring in two years. But there will be nothing again for two years, we know that."
You can read the full interview here, thanks Brad for the headsup!

Canada Post Rocks Out New Stamps Featuring Canadian Bands - Now Available

Today the Canadian Post have issued Rush Postage Stamps which you can ordered here. In addition, the Canadian Post is also offering special edition postcards as well as a limited edition (750) framed print.
Ottawa (ON) – Just in time for the celebration of Canadian music and musicians at the JUNO awards next week, Canada Post is proud to give Canadians a preview of this edition of the Canadian Recording Artist stamp series, to be released in July, featuring for the first time, Canadian bands. Beau Dommage, Rush, The Guess Who and The Tragically Hip will be spotlighted in this fourth issue in a series created to honour musical legends.

“This year’s series features Canadian bands that have shaped the music industry in Canada,” says Jim Phillips, Director of Stamp Services for Canada Post. “Each band has achieved national acclaim, along with international radio air-time and extensive tours.”

The Canadian Recording Artists stamp series will be available from Canada Post retail outlets starting July 19 or online at

Clockwork Angels tour makes Pollstar's Top 100 Tours chart for first half of 2013

Ed at RushIsABand is reporting that has released their list of the Top 100 Worldwide and Top 100 North American tours for the first half of 2013. Rush's Clockwork Angels tour came in at #69 on both lists. On the worldwide tour chart, Pollstar reports that out of 23 shows (although Rush actually played 24, so they must be missing one) played through June 30th, Rush's tour grossed an average of $491,304 per show with an average of 5,534 tickets sold. On the North American tour chart, Pollstar reports that out of 14 North American shows played through June 30th, Rush's tour grossed an average of $314,286 per show with an average of 3,937 tickets sold. You can check out the complete lists at