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Help Rush Get The "Rockabye Baby" Treatment!

Back in August I let you know that Rockabye Baby, a record label which creates children's music versions of classic punk, metal and rock albums, has an online poll to determine what band should get the Rockabye treatment next. The label's current catalog includes 33 albums ranging from Black Sabbath to Pink Floyd and The Ramones. As of today, Rush is in the lead of their five contenders with 28% of the votes, leading their closest rival, the Foo Fighters with 24%. If you haven't already, vote now!


  1. One of my wife's friends gave us the Zeppelin Rockabye baby disk for my son. It's a crashing bore, to be honest. I wouldn't care to hear Rush given this treatment. Now, if Alex wants to record the tunes he plays to put his grandkids to sleep, I'm buying....